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About Ruby

My background:

  • Grew up with several pets since young, a handful were entrusted to me by previous clients who relocate out of the country
  • Have medical background as my dad was a medical doctor, also had pre Veterinary Medicine and Music studies in the USA
  • Husband is a Science, Math, Physical Education teacher and my right hand man who works out the dogs. We are very much into Sciences
  • Travel widely to national parks and safaris in the USA, Canada, Africa, Australia for photography and wildlife studies. Often self drive, gotten stares by the locals there and being recognized as the rare long stay Asian at these parks
  • Full time permanent pet sitter for over 20 years in the USA and Singapore, handled SEVERAL hundreds of pets, well-versed in a variety of different pet behaviors including skittish cats and dogs
  • Several condo guards know me very well through years of familiarity and my consistency, labelled me as the resident pet sitter, sought help and knowledge from me for their own pets
  • Strong network with animal rescuers and fosterers, volunteer at animal shelters in transportation and food donation drive
  • Strong network with dog trainers and full time pet sitters/boarders, we often communicate and work closely together thus we often have the latest news updates
  • Consultant for new dog boarders/trainers, accompanied dog owners to animal shelters for adoption, helped screen for potential adopters
  • Been a Pawshake sitter since 2014 when they first started

    1. HIRE ME AT YOUR OWN RISK! Dog owners often stop by my house to have their dogs socialized and these dogs refuse to leave. Dogs pull their owners HARD towards my van, my house or me. Some stood firmly on the ground or came running back to me, refused to go home after spending time at my house. Dogs living nearby pull their owners all the way to my house. Some dogs remind their owners of daycare at my place. Some dogs have withdrawal symptoms upon returning home, they miss their bonding time at my place

    2. Several pet owners have feedback on social media that their pet sitters (yes from here too) screwed up at the last minute - despite having good reviews. Upon investigating, these pet owners are attracted to the pet sitters' cheap rates and didn't recognize red flags. Some pet owners did not even get to visit the pet boarder's house!

    Skittish/reactive pets: animals don't choose pet sitters based on scent or looks but through humans' body languages. When animals sense humans' fear, they switch to hunting mode and chase after the fearful human. Many locally experienced pet sitters got injured, resulting fear in entering the pets' homes. Skittish pets look up to those who exhibit calm confidence and strong leadership (of the pack or pride). 

    PRIORITY, and the importance of sticking to one pet sitter:

    • condo security guards prefer familiar consistent faces, they have refused entry to several unfamiliar pet sitters during Covid. Some clients ended up cancelling their pet sitters and hired me on the spot!
    • priority goes to regular loyal clients during peak periods and festive seasons, so start now to be a regular client if you knew ahead that you will be away. Don't hire me only when your pet sitter fails to be there for you
    • pets settle down immediately due to familarity with my voice, tone, no-nonsense style and protocols. I study them, build strong, long term relationships with them (and their owners) and treat them like my very own. They are VERY attached to me, sometimes fixated on me (clients and their dogs' trainers/groomers can attest) and this makes it easier to reinforce discipline and correct them. Clients also reported improvement in dogs' discipline at home. I have several of the same clients for up to 15 years or until their pets' last days,
    • many pet owners contact several pet sitters out of desperation or go by feeling ("Sorry Ruby, we feel that this other pet sitter goes better with my cats") but ended up changing pet sitters every few months and finally came back to me with sob stories ("Our many previous pet sitters didn't work out with us" or "We didn't expect our pet sitters to disappoint us". Poor intuition?). It's pointless to contact me if you contact several other pet sitters of different calibre/experience as well, unless you genuinely want my very RARE and unique kind of experience and long term consistency. 
    • Ultimately pet owners got to plan long term, will the pet sitter be there for you for the next 5-10 years, and can he/she handle unexpected emergencies at any given time? My clients became particular about this when their past regular pet sitters couldn't. I have been several clients' beck and call, handled unforeseen emergencies about twice a year, and most of them are past midnight where pets with history of serious health issues suddenly had relapses, went through emergencies and some passed on while their owners are away. Recently my client's aggressive cat had to be euthanized past midnight due to renal failure and I was there for her till she passed on. 2 Clients' interior houses were flooded due to choked drains at the balconies, another had electricity trip, a few cat sitters couldn't handle the cats and the owners contacted me to reach their homes asap.

      Timings/Requirements (managed only by me and my hubby, we are not super humans):

      • long term, consistent, committed, go extra miles, quality services
      • cat/rabbit sitting, dog walking - from 10am onwards only and flexible timings
      • house sitting for dogs - I will not take dogs that require me to be around the entire time as I have errands to run. Your friendly dog may get to join in small group (up to 3) of pack walks or dog runs
      • transport - surcharge and from 10am onwards
      • only nearby homes as I have errands to run everyday
      • Misconception: "pets will be moody or have health issues if they don't eat at strict timings like 7am". Timings are dictated by humans, and sometimes pets purposely delay breakfast for hours or even skip it because they don't need the energy to hunt in the morning. I notice that most pets finish up their meals if they eat at a later timing.

        Our style: I will ask several questions when you contact me as I need to ensure that we are a good match and that I give you the correct advice. I am a firm and strict handler towards dogs, my husband is on the softer side. We feel disturbed when we see dogs exhibit bad habits or behavioral issues. We expect dogs to have good recall training from their owners. We are instructors and educators so we believe in discipline and reinforcement, not overly positive because different dogs respond through different methods - one method doesn't fit all, some don't respond to positive reinforcement even after several years, some take balanced reinforcements better which we are more inclined to. We received well rounded education, we excel in sports, we have a thirst for knowledge esp in wildlife - naturally we want the pets to stay slim and fit, be well rounded, independent, agile and quick in their reflexes as these are survival skills in the wild. We believe in dog socialization and small groups of pack walking because dogs learn, increase their confidence and get exposed to other dog behaviors too.

        Dog Walking/pet visits - only at very nearby homes, from 10am onwards and flexible timings:

        *Important* - I will be keeping dog walks to at most 30 mins between late mornings to late afternoons as there has been an increase number of dogs dying of heatstroke in the recent months, one of them was walked by a dog trainer. I rejected 2 clients who asked for 1.5 hours walk for their 9 month old puppies just because their previous inexperienced dog walkers walked their puppies since they were 4 months old for 1.5 hours.

        Please ensure that there is free visitor parking. My face is an access pass to about 30 condos due to my excellent PR. I have forged strong friendships with cleaners and security guards (some greet me in pet languages, some lunch with me).

        I reinforce discipline, use commands, instill good habits and keep them focused on constant move to avoid being distracted, unless the dog is old and has health issues. I do not accept dogs that constantly pull or pull hard during their walks or lunge towards other dogs, because these issues should be addressed by hiring a dog trainer, not dog sitter. I can handle stubborn dogs and dog confrontations. I have intercepted fights between dogs whose helpers, young or inexperienced dog owners and dog walkers are unable to control on the streets, at dog parks, etc. I have warded off stray dogs and aggressive dogs who attempted to charge towards my clients' dogs. I have helped shy puppies (afraid of outdoor walks) gain confidence. Clients, other dog owners and delivery men often feedback that they meet inexperienced dog walkers who are glued to the phones and couldn't handle the dogs. I have also bumped into several dog walkers who are glued to their phones. Thus it's not just about walking dogs but also possessing GENUINE passion, leadership quality and skills set. 

        We may have done much dog stuff, but ironically, we are cat people. I have owned more cats/rabbits than dogs. As a cat sitter, I have easily tackled shy/skittish cats. Some cat owners feedback that their cats often hide away (for up to years!) from their friends, relatives and other cat sitters, except towards me. Such cats will not be bribed. They look for certain cat sitters' personality. I studied big cats and their hunting skills/instincts from lion rehabilitation camps, and have (unexpectedly) turned some local cats, Bengals, Turkish Vans, Maine Coons, Persians, Ragdolls, Siberians etc into panting ninjas! I stopped owning pets due to many heartbreaks over their deaths. But if I were to own a pet again, it would definitely be a cat.

        There are 2 types of cat/rabbit owners:

        1. those who are only concerned about getting their pets fed and cleaned at specific early timings, and

        2. those who give pet sitters the timing flexibility and the freedom to bond with their pets. I am inclined to this and spend much time with clients' cats on freer days, that's why I have many clients who stayed with me for over 10 years, and counting. Pet sitters who can stick to your specific early timings, don't last. I firmly believe in spending quality time establishing strong bonds naturally rather than getting sucked into the bad local culture of rushing to connect with pets instantly, to meet feeding and walking timings, then rushing off to the next pet or appointment or to work.

        Doggy daycare boarding:

        At a non luxurious landed home with a big garden for a dog's good run. My rate comes with 6 outstanding features highlighted by loyal regular clients:

        1. Space - some dogs need space to run, some dogs want space from others. Grass, not tiles or cemented floors, MOTIVATES dogs to run

        2. Discipline - many commented that they have NEVER seen such quiet, obedient, well behaved, well trained dogs at other private and commercial (including licensed) facilities. I constantly reinforce discipline, commands and boundary training, and introduce new vocabulary. Dogs are not allowed on my bed and furniture.

        3. Breezy and well ventilated - 24/7 several huge commercial/industrial fans around the house. We alternate between fans and aircon

        4. Cleanliness - The bigger the home, the more there is to clean and it is VERY exhausting. My home is cleaned constantly, my garden is maintained regularly, dogs' feet are spray washed and wiped everyday. I am a hygiene freak, which explains why I have hand eczema. My husband says we are the pets' janitors

        5. Permanent, long term commitment and high quality services - I have about 10 clients in the recent years who really plan far ahead by moving closer to me in order to engage my long term services. Dog owners who moved far away still continue to engage my servcies. We enjoy close relationships that even pet owners who relocate back to their home countries still update me on their pets every year until their pets' last days. 

        6. Soothing music - I am a musician afterall. Sometimes I will have the dogs play and dance to the music

        I have very strict requirements, and will only limit to a number of dogs per day. Dogs must:

        1. be up to date with vaccinations, on regular Nexguard, Revolution or similar, AND have yearly Bordetella and Lepto vax. I have had clients' dogs caught cold and kennel cough from other daycare boarding and groomer's, and then came over to my place. Fortunately it didn't spread to other dogs due to my place's natural ventillation

        2. be neutered/spayed if they are over 18 months unless they are mild and gentle by nature. There have been unpleasant incidents involving unneutered dogs, they could be the aggressor or they could be targets of aggression. Owners must provide diapers for unneutered dogs that mark.

        3. be friendly to humans and all dogs, no biting and no running away when being leashed for walks. I cannot afford very skittish dogs who need much time to warm up to humans or are selective towards and nip at certain dogs.

        4. have ZERO separation anxiety, ZERO attempts to escape/climb fences/dash out of open fences and doors, no unnecesssary barking/whining. I don't provide 24/7 service because I run errands for a few hours everyday. I don't want my neighbors to complain. My place is not suitable for anxious dogs who require 24 hours human attention.

        I give priority to dogs who are fully crate (caged box, not playpen, not fence) trained, not semi (given up after a few months) crate trained. OR dogs who are independent, well behaved, well trained and take commands very well.  

        Match your dog with the boarder's personality (indoor/outdoor, introvert/extrovert?) AND place. Usually your dog's personality follows yours. Passive owner, passive dog. Active owner, active dog. Anxious owner, anxious (separation anxiety) dog. If your dog needs only 1 walk/day and 24 hours of pampering indoor play with aircon, 90% of the boarders offer these at cheap rates. If you have an active dog with physical potentials or loves ball/frisbee training, we have already taught several dogs to be quick, agile and sharp through their constant stays at our place. We also use balls and toys to reinforce their basic commands and teach them new vocabulary. Our clients' dogs go home physically stronger, fit, slim, lean, muscular after some periods with us. I am physically exhausted at the end of the day and thus I sleep very well at night. I am frustrated when clients' dogs put on up to 5kg of weight after a period of stay with other boarders due to overfeeding and lack of exercise.

        I look a lot at matching dogs' personalities. I believe in building bonds and relationships, so I pass on this energy to the regular dogs at my place who also form strong bonds and deep friendships with one another. Some even found soulmates! The big dogs give affection to the small timid turned confident dogs who in turn help other timid dogs integrate. They often look forward to meeting one another, they remember one another fondly even if they haven't met for months or even 1-2 years due to Covid, they sense it when their best friends passed away or relocate permanently. Their owners also fondly remember their doggy's buddies, and admit that they don't find this kind of special and consistent friendships in other doggy daycare boarding.

        My advice when looking for a daycare boarding:

        1. Go to one that's nearby. Long journey rides by commercial daycare boarding with much starting and stopping, poor driving skills by outsourced drivers have caused my clients' dogs to be sick, depressed, traumatized, skittish. Your dog's health and welfare are more important than finishing up the expensive package from the commercial daycare boarding. The 2 to 4 hours total journey ride could have been better spent at a nearby doggy daycare

        2. Go for strong physique boarders. Many dog owners reported that their active dogs are rejected by many commercial daycare boarding because the staff find that it's too much work, thus these dogs got bored and depressed, videos show that little was done

        3. When there is lack of discipline due to overcrowding of dogs, due to high turnover rate of part time and inexperienced pet sitters, since most of them are outsourced, lowly paid, not trained, no knowledge of handling fights or treating wounds, AVOID. Dogs may be tired at the end of the day, but clients noticed that they picked up bad behaviors from other dogs. There are a few expensive and high end commercial (be it licensed or not) daycare boarding which my clients used to patronized - their dogs went home injured (and hospitalized), traumatized, got pregnant (!) despite having cameras at the facilities

        4. Go for one that alternates between aircon and strong fans/natural breeze. Sick dogs infect others easily at enclosed spaces that promote 24 hours aircon where bacteria thrive and spread easily at cold temperatures. Too much aircon discourages your dogs from getting out of their comfort zone, because cold air stiffens your dog's joints and thus they lose less heat and energy

        5. Clients feedback that almost all dog boarders who stay at landed have helpers assist them in their roles, except for me. Some helpers couldn't handle dog confrontation, lost the dogs or the clients' dogs got injured while the dog boarders' helpers walk their dogs.

        Dog runs/parks:

        If you want your dog to have a good run at the dog park, you can contact me for this service too. There will be a small additional charge for transport.

        House sitting (only at very nearby homes):

        Please ensure that there is free visitor parking. Your dog may get to join walks and socialize with other dogs that need walks too, provided he/she is friendly. He/she can also come to my place to have a good run and we will return to your home for overnight stays. I am frugal and a hygiene freak, I have even taught clients on how to save on electricity.


        I usually send a set of quality pics/video clips once at the end of the day. I am not the kind who spams every few hours. Being a perfectionist and a wildlife photographer, I won't send much if I am dissatisfied with my pictures. I don't take pics of all walks, because I need to correct their bad habits and look out for sudden dog confrontations. I don't wish to be distracted by phone messages, so dog owners who hire me ought to trust me. If your pet sitter is over responsive, you know that he/she is often looking at the phone and not focusing on her job. I once had a new client who expected me to respond immediately every time she texted me, otherwise she considers me unresponsive. During peak periods, I am extremely busy with all clients' pets and constant cleaning, I would need a few hours to respond occasionally. 

        Pet taxi/transportation (REGISTERED pet care service business since mid 2018):

        I used to ferry dogs in my Honda Civic for several years but since 6 years ago I own a van which dogs prefer due to bigger space. Dog trainers and regular clients have been using my services for emergencies, grooming, beach/park outings since it's easier to get hold of me as compared to other pet transport. I love driving (and motorcycling), and have clocked at least 100,000km in total on the roads of overseas countries that I have self driven. 


        I have assisted in cat hoarding cases, I volunteer in food collection and transport for animal shelters and communities, forge friendships with staff volunteers and rescuers. I coordinate with pet food suppliers who either donate or sell me bulks of food at extremely low prices. I store the food at my place, organize and send them to the stray animals communities and pet shelters (Mercylight, SOSD, Causes for Animals). If you have any unwanted food, cage, cat litter, newspapers, pee pads, old towels, old blankets, and wish to donate, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will come pick them up. 

        I have new clients feedback that their previous pet sitters try out for a few years (and for fun) and then moved on to another job. It's very difficult to find a long term permanent pet sitter or daycare boarder. Why:

        1. It's NOT a well-paid job, many leave for a BETTER paying job in order to survive financially. Cheap services don't last beyond a year - I saw a pet owner praised on a pet sitter's profile for her cheap services, the pet sitter quitted a few weeks later.

        2. Most pet sitters, dog walkers/boarders (including licensed boarding staff) don't go through formal pet related education and trainings, thus they are clueless when pet health issues, behavioral issues and dog conflicts occur. All these actually require alot of self study, readups and research. Some clients interviewed over 10 pet sitters and revealed that most lacked knowledge, including those self proclaimed professionals.

        3. When there's no flexibility especially in timings, pet sitters quit. You won't be able to find regular pet sitters or dog walkers who do it at 7 or 8am for more than a year. I think I was the only one in Singapore who did it for 5 years before Covid, then I quitted doing it at those hours, esp after pet owners themselves are inconsistent or texted to cancel at 7am on the spot. 

        4. It's an extremely taxing job that requires much physical cleaning work which. It's not just about handling and exercising pets, one also needs to be good at house cleaning and pet cleaning which no matter how much you pay CANNOT beat the amount of experience I gained the last 30+ years. The more meticulous and cautious your pet sitter is, the more work he/she does. I strive to keep pets safe, clean and comfortable until I am satisfied.

        Since Covid till today, many were and are still being retrenched. So people took up pet sitting just to try out for fun in the meantime but little did they realize there's so much work to do. Only GENUINE passion can overcome these and persevere through many years. ALL regular clients and visitors feedback that I work the hardest among all pet sitters/boarders/hotels they had used previously, to the point that they pay me up to double, and encourage me to take breaks and go for a holiday because they know that I am a RARE pet sitter who stay back during peak periods just for their pets. 

        Ruby's services

        At the sitter's home

        Doggy Day Care
        Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
        50 SGD for each additional pet
        55 SGD
        Dog Boarding
        Overnight stay at the sitter's home
        65 SGD for each additional pet
        70 SGD

        At your home

        Dog Walking
        An experienced dog walker will pick up your dog from your home for a 30 min walk
        10 SGD for each additional pet
        35 SGD
        One home visit a day
        Book a pet sitter to stop by your home to feed and play with your pet
        35 SGD
        House Sitting
        A sitter stays overnight in your home and cares for your pet
        100 SGD
        Two home visits a day
        Two drop-in visits for your pet
        70 SGD

        Ruby also offers

        Pick up / drop off

        Cancellation policy: Moderate

        Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. 7 days before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

        No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

        Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone

        Doggy day care and Dog walks always have a flexible cancellation policy:

        Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

        No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.


        Profile accuracy
        Treatment of animals
        Home Visits
        Maria, 2024-04-16

        Ruby did a great job taking after my 2 cats while we were away for 4 days. She did their usual feeding/playing/cleaning, in addition to administering the medication that one of my cats needs on a daily basis. She was thorough in following instructions, and our cats really enjoyed her company as evidenced by all the playful videos we received while we were away!

        Home Visits
        Jennifer, 2023-10-16

        Thank you, Ruby, for looking after my two cats with great care. One of my cats is extremely shy, and Ruby managed to have her come to play and eat. I also got pictures and videos every day ☺️

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        Ruby's Pets

        Shih Tzu

        About Ruby's Home

        Accepted pets

        < 1 year
        Dog sizes
        0-40 kg
        Dog ages
        0-20 years
        Dog sex
        Female & Male
        all kinds
        Small animals
        rodents, rabbits, ...

        Ruby's home

        A medium outdoor area
        Has no kids
        A fully fenced backyard
        Emergency transport

        Walking areas

        Nearby off-leash dog area
        Urban, City park & Forest


        Specific Skills

        I speak English & Chinese
        +20 years of experience
        Familiar with dog training techniques
        Gift of instruction - especially in the areas of animals and performing arts. I have been coaching since a teenager to music students, english students, adult choirs, youth choirs and pet assistants. High level of patience and creativity. Highly sought after (as a music coach and judge for competitions, and pet sitter), have been interviewed by both local and overseas media a number of times and complimented by the authorities for my pet sitting and handling but managed to keep a low profile as I am not comfy being in the limelight and I don't want to tire myself. I hardly have breaks. Had been offered positions such as music pastor, choir director, university music advisor, assistant dog trainer, etc, but I declined all. Gift of leadership - often chosen by others (but if given a choice, I prefer to chill and work behind scenes) to lead in performing arts area because I am firm and assertive, I build relationships and communicate/articulate well - probably contributed to easy bonding with cats and successful walking of stubborn and selective dogs. I am a pack leader! Some dog owners told me that their dog trainers needed a few sessions to get their dogs to do something, whereas their dogs obey me instantly upon seeing me for the first time. I have encountered strangers' dogs who listened to my commands, and not their owners' or trainers'. Unfortunately, I am not a dog trainer. I am not qualified. Maybe I should have gone for training during my younger days. Maybe it's my leadership quality (which I don't deny it, yet don't use much of it) that commands respect. Maybe it's my unique voice tone. It's only in the recent years I realized I can handle aggressive dogs and cats (actually I am very very scared too, and I prefer not to handle such). I was puzzled on occasions where clients' dogs bit everyone (family members, maids, other pet sitters and dog walkers) except me, or aggressive cats hesitate attacking me. It does require some guts, wit, brains and knowledge, but aggressive pets are cynical and would only trust humans of VERY high integrity and genuine love. Resourceful - I am very well travelled and thus blessed to have very good knowledge and connections, so I know where to get quality stuff at good deals. I have driven in to Malaysia (right up to KL) hundreds of times already. Excellent driving skills, even in heavy downpour with zero visibility or on streets with zero lamp posts and reflectors (yes, Africa) - I have been told that I drive more than an average American in the USA due to the many national parks I have visited. Driven all kinds of cars, MPVs, SUVs, vans, both automatic and manual (Africa only rent out manual gear cars). Rode a motorbike for 10 years but stopped after getting married. Wanted to try class 4, but no time. I have also mastered the skill of driving humans and pets with extreme motion sickness. Overseas drivers have actually allowed me to take over the wheels when passengers started puking. I have been headhunted by doggy daycare centres to be their driver (because a lot of dogs puke when others drive) but I declined. Besides music and animals, driving, travelling and photography are my passion. Planner - I research and plan most of my overseas itineraries since I do alot alot of self driving, thus my geography is good. I have helped friends with theirs too and given clients much recommendation for their food and travel. Sharp sense of sight (very observant, detect movements quickly), hearing (can hear distant noises like water drips/running, slight movement noise, high pitches - did much sound mixing for music bands in the past, ears get painful at even tiny feedback, high pitches and screaming kids), smell (can detect a roach, rat or certain animal in an enclosed area; nauseate upon bad smell). Personality - free spirited, adventurous, rugged, strict, fussy, selective, meticulous, cautious, firm, assertive, dedicated, consistent, gutsy, frugal. I am very much a cat person but many tell me that I am very good with dogs as I pass on calm energy to them.

        Experience with

        Animal welfare as a volunteer
        Rescuing pets
        Behavioural problems




        Permanent Full Time Pet Care

        Doggy day care
        Daytime care, at the sitter's home
        50 SGD for each additional pet
        55 SGD
        All services and rates
        Contact Ruby

        Cancellation policy: Moderate

        Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. 7 days before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

        No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

        Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone

        Doggy day care and Dog walks always have a flexible cancellation policy:

        Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

        No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

        Book via Pawshake to enjoy The Pawshake Guarantee, in-house customer support, booking guarantee, safe cashless payments, no booking fees, no change fees, daily updates and more!

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