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About Ruby

Note: Many commercial daycare boarding have ceased operation last year and a massive number of private pet sitters and dog boarders quitted. A number of certified/accredited dog trainers/training schools have been found with dog neglect/abuse. Read on if you are concerned.

Note II: 

1. I received requests from pet owners left in the lurch by well-reviewed pet sitters who cancelled Christmas bookings at the very last minute. Many pet sitters love pets but bear in mind that they prioritize everything else above these pets because it's not their permanent full time job. 

2. I also received requests where pet owners, while overseas, switched midway from present pet sitters to me which I cannot entertain esp during super peak periods. They claimed that they did research and asked the pet sitters the "right" questions, but were still unable to recognize the red flags during meet and greet. It turned out that these pet sitters are not well-equipped, not truly experienced or secretly let their helpers took charge. You need to take their profiles as face values, because even my neighborhood self proclaimed professional dog walkers/boarders used wrong approach when facing dog conflicts which resulted in dog aggression and other dog owners' injury.

My background:

  • part time pet sitter and dog walker/swimmer since 20++ years ago during university days (pre-Veterinary Medicine background) in the USA; dad's general practitioner medical assistant until he retired 8 years ago
  • full time PERMANENT pet sitter, dog walker/boarder since 8 years ago, with my Physical Education hubby as my assistant and ball trainer, we are godparents to local and overseas pets
  • keep countless pets since young, with rabbits and dogs lived past 12 years old, cats lived up to 19 years old. 4 Pets in the recent 8 years belong to ex clients who entrusted them to me after relocating elsewhere
  • handled SEVERAL hundreds of pets, well-versed in a variety of different pet behaviors including skittish cats and dogs. I do NOT train dogs, I only reinforce discipline and correct dogs' unwanted habits/behavior
  • beck and call for nearby clients and replaced several pet sitters who quitted during Covid; several condo guards have addressed me as the only one familiar and consistent RESIDENT pet sitter through the years
  • volunteer at local and overseas animal shelters in handling pets, transportation and food donation drive
  • strong network with dog trainers and full time long term consistent pet sitters/boarders, thus we often have news updates
  • consultant to new dog boarders/trainers for home boarding, accompanied dog owners to animal shelters for adoption, helped screen for potential adopters
  • family in Tanzania Africa and Oregon USA - we travel twice yearly since 14 years ago to rural areas of Africa, Australia, Canada and the USA for wildlife study and photography at safaris, farms, national parks, lion rehabilitation camps, underwater reefs (Cairns, Hawaii, Thailand). We often self-drive, spot tiny movements, listen for sounds of wildlife, have extremely close encounters with them. We get stares and recognition for being the only long-stay Asians at rural areas and certain national parks. We are Tarzan and Jane wannabes, we bond easily with the WILDEST pets, we possess quick reflexes and an extremely sharp sense of smell, sight, and hearing. We did consider at one point relocating and applying to be park rangers, educators and/or translator guides at Yellowstone National Park or Serengeti National Park, but the thought of our aging parents weighed us down
  • FB Ruby's Animal Adventures - updates, articles, videos, activities
  • clients who live walking distance from me have HUGE advantages - hire me to find out!  
  • CAUTION: Hire me at your own risk! Many stop by my house gate daily to have their dogs socialized and these dogs refuse to leave. Dogs pull their owners towards me or my van, some drag their feet and are unwilling to go home after spending time at my place, some follow me closely or refuse to alight my van when I send them home. Dogs living up to 3km away from me, pulled their owners all the way to my place, another dog ran out of his house to look for my place. Some dogs behave oddly when they return home because they miss me, my place and their deeply bonded friends.

    CAUTION II: I will NOT accept clients who alternate their dogs' boarding between me and their friends/neighbors/other cheap boarders in order to save money. A handful of dogs came back to me with EXTREMELY BAD AND DISTURBING behavioral issues which I would not allow it to pass on to my other well behaved dogs. A truly responsible dog owner values the dog's welfare over money.

    If you have heard horror stories of dog sitters, I have also heard horror stories of clients' friends losing clients' dogs, and clients left their dogs in their friends' care who in turn left them to the helpers' care and the helpers abused these dogs, friends' kids terrorizing dogs, etc. Friends are not necessarily more trustworthy than dog sitters, esp if they do it for free.

    Skittish/reactive pets: animals don't choose pet sitters based on scent or looks but through humans' body languages. When animals sense humans' fear, it activates their hunting mode and they chase after the fearful human. Many locally experienced pet sitters got injured, resulting fear in entering the pets' homes. Skittish pets look up to those who exhibit calm confidence and strong leadership (of the pack or pride). 

    PRIORITY, and the importance of sticking to one pet sitter/boarder:

    • many condo security guards prefer familiar consistent faces, they have refused entry to several unfamiliar pet sitters during Covid. Some clients ended up cancelling their pet sitters and hired me on the spot!
    • during peak periods and festive seasons, we give priority to regular loyal clients, because new dogs bring in new issues which we are too busy to handle it. We want a stress free period, so start daycare/boarding now to be a regular client
    • pets settle down immediately when they are already familiar with my voice, tone, no-nonsense style and/or with my home protocols. I study them (I need to know them well enough to match their personalities), build strong, long term relationships with them (and their owners) and treat them like my own, so I actually risk my emotions when these pets passed on or relocate. They are VERY attached to me, sometimes fixated on me (clients and their dogs' trainers/groomers can attest) and this makes it easier to reinforce discipline and correct them. Clients also reported dogs' discipline improvement at home. I have the same clients for up to 10++ years or until their pets' last days,
    • many cat owners contact several pet sitters out of desperation or go by feeling ("Sorry Ruby, we feel that this other pet sitter goes better with my cats") but ended up changing pet sitters every few months ("Our many previous pet sitters didn't work out with us" or "We didn't expect our pet sitters to disappoint us". Poor intuition?). It's pointless to contact me if you contact several other pet sitters of different calibre/experience as well, unless you genuinely want my very unique kind of background, experience and long term consistency. 
    • A few pet owners actually admitted that they chose other pet sitters over me based on "good feeling" and their cats seem to "connect better" with this other certain pet sitter, but came back to me ultimately because the pet sitters are inconsistent or disappeared one day. Pet sitter's LONG history (at least 5 years), commitment and priorities are more important than puppy love, which is instant connection that doesn't last.

      Rates/Hours (managed only by me and my husband, we are not super humans):

      • long term, consistent, committed, 365 days, go extra miles, quality services - you must realize that we sacrifice spending long hours with relatives and friends outside because they all know that Ruby always has to rush to cat sit or to the dogs at home, and we always delay our meals till extremely late, or sometimes even forgotten about it
      • for doggy daycare/boarding, I prioritize clients who do their own drop offs/pickups. If you need pet transport, it has to be my timing (10am - 12pm, 6 to 7pm) and within 10 mins from my place. I wish to stay home more now as I am also my dad's caregiver, he is living his final years
      • cat/rabbit sitting - I only accept flexible timings, for example anytime between 9am to 12pm or anytime between 7 to 10pm, instead of "must be 7am and 7pm"
      • clients' self drop off dogs - 9am onwards
      • One thing that many dog owners tend to forget: everything is done by me, ONE WOMAN - walking, cleaning, feeding, bathing, driving, disciplining, working out, etc. I cannot accommodate to different clients' requests for different transport timings, that would mean much time away from the dogs at home and long journeys for dogs which is unhealthy. Many clients commend on my dedication and effort to do up my huge place just for dogs. I am slim because I do much housework cleaning and I really work the dogs out. Some clients have already labelled my place as a boot camp because their dogs turned disciplined, quick, agile, slim and muscular. NOT EVEN MONEY can trade the kind of unique experience that I have. 

        Misconception: "pets will die of hunger or have health issues if they don't eat at strict timings like 7am". Timings are dictated by humans, and sometimes pets purposely delay breakfast for hours or even skip it because they don't need the energy in the morning to hunt. I notice that most pets finish up their meals if they eat at a later timing.

        Passion involves long term (several years), persevering despite hard times like Covid, being physically exhausted and not paid well, but found love and joy through it all. ALL regular clients and visitors feedback that I work the hardest among all pet sitters/boarders/hotels they had used previously, to the point that they pay me up to double, and encourage me to take breaks and go for a holiday.

        Our style: I am a firm and strict handler towards dogs, my husband is on the softer side. We feel disturbed when we see dogs exhibit bad habits or behavioral issues. It's just 2 of us handling several pets a day, and the bigger the place, the more dogs get out of control, thus consistency and discipline are needed to produce well behaved dogs in order to reduce risks. Simple stuffs like meal times, boarding/alighting my van, entering/exiting a certain place and with boundaries, need to be in orderly manner. Thus dogs should already have good recall training from their owners. We are educators so we believe in discipline and reinforcement, not overly positive because different dogs respond through different methods - one method doesn't fit all, some don't respond to positive reinforcement even after several years, some take balanced reinforcements better which we are more inclined to. We received well rounded education, we excel in sports, we have a thirst for knowledge esp in wildlife - naturally we want the pets to stay slim and fit, be well rounded, be agile and quick in reflexes as these are survival skills in the wild. We believe in dog socialization and small groups of pack walking because dogs learn, increase their confidence and get exposed to other dog behaviors too.

        I know of dog owners who don't like strict dog boarders but they realized the necessity after boarding their dogs at other landed houses with issues:

        1. Big dogs trampled on small dogs which resulted in injury and broken limbs. I stop all action when big dogs get too rowdy and do not give small dogs space, that's why the word "gentle" is important. Many big dogs here give love to the small dogs, building their confidence

        2. Dog owners feedback that the boarders don't walk the dogs much as they are allowed to pee and poop freely at the dogs' area, so everyone's stepping on them. I am a hygiene freak, so I do walk the dogs regularly and remove any pee/poop traces as soon as I can

        Home visits - only for cats and rabbits (not for dogs) at very nearby homes:

        My face is an access pass to about 40 condos due to my excellent PR. I have forged strong friendships with cleaners and security guards (some greet me in pet languages, some lunch with me). I have brought pets to the vet, reached homes not easily accessible, handled homes' water leakage and ant/roach problem. We have cared for pets' ill health and heartbreaking last moments while owners are away. 

        We may have done much dog stuff, but ironically, we are cat people. I have owned more cats/rabbits than dogs. As a cat sitter, I have easily tackled shy/skittish cats. Such cats will not be bribed. They look for certain cat sitters' personality. I studied big cats and their hunting skills/instincts from lion rehabilitation camps, and have (unexpectedly) turned some outdoor cats, Bengal, Turkish Van, Maine Coon, Persians, Ragdolls, Siberian etc into panting ninjas! 

        There are 2 types of cat/rabbit owners: 1. those who are only concerned about getting their pets fed and cleaned at specific early timings, and 2. those who give pet sitters the timing flexibility and the freedom to bond with their pets. I am inclined to the latter that's why I have many clients who stayed with me for nearly 10 years, and counting. Pet sitters who can stick to your specific timings, don't last. I firmly believe in spending time and establishing strong bonds naturally rather than rushing to connect with pets instantly, to meet timings, feed, clean walk, etc, then rushing off to the next pet or appointment or to work.

        Mandatory requirements for daycare/boarding:

        1. Dogs must be assessed by me first before any bookings, thus I cannot accept last minute bookings if your dog sitter is unavailable. Some dog owners' highly positive perception of their dogs turned out to be different at my place. Some dogs' successful assessments at other boarders' or dog trainers' place DID NOT pass my assessment simply because they accept ANY dogs in order to keep their business running.

        2. Dogs must be fully house trained, potty trained, ZERO separation anxiety (they will be left alone for up to 2-3 hours), ZERO excessive whining/barking (I have sensitive and dog unfriendly neighbors), no chewing, non-aggressive (I have elderly parents who fall easily) - strict rules because it's my parents' house, and my family often complain about dogs' unnecessary barking at passerbys and due to separation anxiety. DO NOT SEND THEM TO MY PLACE TO GET THEIR ISSUES RESOLVED - I am not a dog trainer!

        3. Clients must show proof of dogs' latest vaccinations against flu/viruses, anti flea/tick prevention and Bordetella vaccination. There were 2 incidents where dogs caught flu or kennel cough from the groomers and commercial daycare (as long as there's 24/7 aircon within 4 walls) and came over to my place. Fortunately, most of the dogs at my place were not infected due to my home's strong wind and natural breeze

        4. Come, stay (or wait), heel, out (or move), up, down, gentle, back, leave it, drop it - these words are very important to me esp when I am an organized person. Many clients tell me that their dogs know these commands, but are not able to fully demonstrate them

        5. I do not accept unneutered/unspayed dogs that are beyond 15 months. All the past conflicts that happened at my place involved unneutered dogs. ALL. If your vet suggests neutering them at 18 to 24 months, do not send them to my place for that period then. I CANNOT supervise them 24/7.

        IMPORTANT: I drive, so I expect a dedicated pickup/drop off point or free visitors parking if you need my services. Some old shophouse areas like Tiong Bahru do not have such zones and I often risk getting fined, and some condos do not have free parking.

        Latest news on commercial daycare/boarding and dog trainers:

        AVS impose requirements from April 1, 2022 that brought down a massive number of dog boarders. Don't rush into buying huge packages from another commercial daycare/boarding because more WILL close down without warning. Have backup plans, go for pay per daycare/overnight at commercial ones even though it may be more expensive, look for established full time private boarders who have been around for several years and will be for the next 5 to 10 years. I have witnessed and also heard of overcrowding of surviving commercial daycare which caused stress to some dogs, 

        It's only those with GENUINE PASSION and TIRELESS DEDICATION - survive for years. So cherish your surviving dog boarders and pet sitters, esp if he/she has been diligent, consistent and accomodating despite making minor mistakes. THERE IS NO PERFECT HUMAN BEING, including yourself. New clients - do not judge us based on our rates alone without looking at our place and what we do - it shows that you are more concerned over your money than your dog, whom you claim to be part of your family. Don't bargain, don't stinge - you WILL lose out during peak periods.

        Many dog owners who moved from using commercial to private boarding said that my place is so much more affordable, esp with the space, garden and discipline reinforcement which the commercial ones lack of. Pet relocaters have visited my place and immediately asked me to consider their clients because they said that I stand out among the private boarding they have visited. New clients tell me that they tried and went through 5 to 10 dog/cat sitters before settling down on me permanently. Many owners who stay far away or have moved further away from me refused to look for alternatives because the ones they have tried nearby are often unsuitable or inconsistent.

        A number of certified/accredited dog trainers, in the recent years and just recently (July 13, 2022), have been found with dog neglect/abuse. I personally know of non AVS accredited dog trainers and simple dog boarders who demonstrated excellent training skills and genuine love towards animals. I recently have a client who used to board her mini labradoodle elsewhere, the boarder/trainer (highly recommended by others) used prong collar and only brought the dog to dog parks but no walks. I didn't even need the prong collar to correct the dog's bad habits.

        I have 3 Pawshake friends from different parts of Singapore (Farrer Park, Joo Chiat, Somerset) who are full time pet sitters/boarders and whose profile links I used to post here, but had to remove them due to other pet sitters/boarders who complained about being afraid to lose out. We often meetup to discuss, and we all have very very strong based clients. Let me know if you don't stay near me and need one. 

        Why many private pet sitters and dog boarders quitted:

        1. It's not a well-paid job, many will leave for a BETTER paying job in order to survive financially. Many place their own priorities above clients' pets. Cheap services don't last beyond a year - I saw a pet owner praised on a pet sitter's profile for her cheap services, the pet sitter quitted a few weeks later. 

        2. It involves a lot of physical work which many didn't expect, and find that it's not worth it afterall. I have heard of dog boarders/trainers who hire helpers to look after the dogs full time, to walk and bathe the dogs, even while the dog boarders/trainers are overseas.

        3. Most pet sitters, dog walkers/boarders don't go through pet related education and trainings, thus they are clueless when pet health issues, behavioral issues and dog conflicts occur. All these actually require alot alot alot of self study, readups and research. Some clients interviewed over 10 pet sitters and revealed that most lacked knowledge, including those self proclaimed professionals.

        4. When there's no flexibility especially in timings, pet sitters quit. You won't be able to find regular pet sitters or dog walkers who do it at 7 or 8am for more than a year. I think I was the only one in Singapore who did it for 5 years before Covid, then I quitted doing it at those hours, esp after pet owners themselves are inconsistent or texted to cancel at 7am on the spot.

        Dog boarding (rates are meant for medium and big dogs such as Labs, Goldies, Doodles, Collies, Shepherds, Pointers, Mongrels, as they are my main clients. Rate for smaller dogs such as Shibas, Bulls, Spaniels, Poodle mix, Terriers, etc is lower. Look through my pictures for dogs' hangout area and living room sleeping area) at a NON luxurious landed property with a big semi indoor/outdoor area which has been assessed by relatives, visitors, groomers and dog trainers. Some dog trainers/boarders have even copied my profile and boarding style (so you are actually looking at the original ONE!):

        • top 5 things that clients first noticed and commented: clean big space (about 100sqm for dogs to move and hangout), soothing music (I'm a musician afterall), huge industrial 20 inches fans that produce strong breeze, safety (double gate and slow introduction of new dogs), discipline (dogs are well behaved)
        • I will STRICTLY accept only regulars during peak periods. My place is always fully booked at least weeks/months ahead of peak period like Christmas holiday, Chinese New Year, Easter, long weekends, summer holidays 
        • contact me if you GENUINELY want landed property (not condo) as your ONLY choice, there's an increasing number of dog owners wanting it
        • it's a HUGE place, many male dogs mark, some dogs make several mess, which many dog owners witnessed and admitted that it's indeed tough with all the cleaning up, thus much water and electricity are used. Many dog owners also admitted that I am one of the rare ones who reinforce discipline, and their dogs go home well behaved. You need to factor all these into the cost. There are many private/commercial boarding places that do not offer what I offer but their rates are higher than mine, yet many dog owners are willing to pay 
        • basic 2-3 solo/pack walks/day, 1-2 visits/week to dog parks (weather permitting) 
        • meant for dogs who love outdoor, space, grass and don't mind getting dirty, muddy and smelly. Many dogs come anticipating activities. Unsuitable for indoor dogs who are used to 24 hours aircon, or with serious skin
          issues (it attracts flies) or prone to eye infection. Also unsuitable for very senior dogs who have mobility issues and are not comfy with highly active and energetic dogs around. I do have a few regular senior dogs who learn to socialize and became neutral to other dogs
        • limited to 6 dogs at a time. Dog socialization and pack walk help one another in their skills, discipline, etc. I match them based on personalities, practice recall and teach respect before they feel comfy with one another. Not more than 6 dogs because they need space to run and I only have 1 pair of eyes to watch them! 
        • free roaming at a semi indoor/outdoor breezy porch with many industrial grade fans, which clients have commented that I went great lengths to make it cooling and comfortable. I have visited many landed homes, both dog owners' and other home based boarding - NONE came close to mine 
        • if it rains heavily and continuously for hours, dogs still have space to run and play at the sheltered porch, and take a quick pee in the garden 
        • 24 hours light background music
        • If your dog is new to my place, he/she is required to have a couple daycare/boarding sessions at my place first before officially boarding, unless he/she is the very adaptable and super easy going kind.

          Match your dog with the boarder's personality (indoor/outdoor, introvert/extrovert?) AND place. If your dog needs only 1-2 walks/day and 24 hours of pampering indoor play with AC, 90% of the boarders offer these at cheap rates. If you have a medium to large active dog with physical potentials or loves ball/frisbee training, we have already taught several dogs to be quick, agile and sharp through their constant stays at our place. We also use balls and toys to reinforce their basic commands and teach new vocabulary. Many active dogs who were rejected by other doggy daycare came to me and they actually match one another's energy.

          Usually your dog's personality follows yours. Passive owner, passive dog. Active owner, active dog. I had a gun/sporting pup came to my place for daycare once, but the owner, a very much indoor and very very fair skinned lady, ultimately prefers him to be mostly indoors with aircon. What a waste of potential! It's a mismatch between the owner and the dog. Some shy indoor dogs couldn't take the energetic dogs at my place, but most learnt to and became versatile and confident ultimately.

          If you own an active dog such as a lab, read this, very important: many lab owners like to board their labs at landed houses. Some were only interested in my rate and never contacted me anymore. The remaining genuine ones revealed that their labs used to board at cheaper places but the boarders UNDERESTIMATED these labs' energy, so they boarded their labs at my place. There were cases where I was hired by the dog owners to go to the boarders' places to work out their dogs (which the boarders don't), so these dog owners ended up spending even more. A few regular dogs boarded elsewhere during Christmas because my place had reached its maximum capacity, came back to me plumper and with less stamina. Many dog owners who visit my place are shocked by my dogs' agility and quick reflexes, discipline and the ability to listen to commands. These are signs of a dilligent dog boarder.

          Doggy Daycare:

          Adhoc or at most twice a week please, preferably with your own pickups/drop offs (I send my van for regular servicing and grooming, so it won't be available at least once or twice a month), unless you stay super near me, and STRICTLY only for regulars during peak periods as it's already VERY VERY popular due to many clients' recommendation. I learnt that I am one of the very rare ones who offer daycare up to late hours. My advice when choosing a daycare:

          1. Go to one that's nearby. Long journey rides by commercial daycare/boarding with much starting and stopping, poor driving skills by outsourced drivers have caused a number of my clients' dogs to be sick, traumatized, skittish. Your dog's health and welfare are more important than finishing up the expensive package that you have purchased from the commercial daycare/boarding place. The 2 to 4 hours total journey ride could have been better spent at a nearby doggy daycare

          2. Go for strong physique boarders. Many dog owners reported that their active dogs are rejected by many doggy daycare because boarders find that it's too much work, thus these dogs got bored and depressed, videos show that little was done.

          3. When there is lack of discipline due to overcrowding of dogs, due to high turnover rate of part time and inexperienced pet sitters since most of them are outsourced, lowly paid, not trained, no knowledge of handling fights or treating wounds, AVOID. Dogs may be tired at the end of the day, but clients noticed that they picked up bad behaviors from other dogs. There are a few expensive and high end ones which my clients used to patronized - their dogs went home injured (and hospitalized), traumatized, got pregnant (!) despite having cameras at the daycare boarding facilities

          4. Go for one that alternates between aircon and strong fans/natural breeze. Sick dogs infect others easily at enclosed rooms that promote 24 hours aircon where bacteria thrive and spread easily at cold temperatures. Too much aircon discourages your dogs from getting out of their comfort zone, because cold air stiffens your dog's joints, especially those that are slim, and thus they lose less heat and energy 

          If you own shy/skittish dogs or Singapore Specials: do not bring them to socialize at the last minute just before peak periods. They are stressed under new environment esp with many new dog faces. Some of my wise clients took advantage of the quiet Covid period to have their dogs socialize at my place. 

          I look a lot at matching dogs' personalities. I believe in building bonds and relationships, so I pass on this energy to the regular dogs at my place who also form strong bonds and deep friendships one another. Some even found soulmates! They often look forward to meeting one another, they remember one another fondly even if they haven't met for months or even 1-2 years due to Covid, they sense it when their friends passed away or relocate permanently. Their owners also fondly remember their doggy's buddies, and admit that they don't find this kind of special and consistent friendships in other doggy daycare/boarding.

          Dogs with separation anxiety, barking/whining issues:

          Please resolve these issues first before you go overseas, before you hire anyone's services. I will not take any responsibility if your dog repeatedly tries to escape whenever I leave home as it creates stress to me and my family, and it's pointless to come to my place if I have to cage him/her up most of the time to prevent the escape. I have friends who stay in landed houses and apartments, and through many testings, dogs with separation anxiety do better in apartments as they need humans to be within 10 metres of their sight and hearing. They do not do well in huge houses and there would be increased barking/whining. Place your dog in an environment where he/she would exhibit less behavioral issues.

          Pics/Videos for dog boarding/daycare:

          I usually send a set of quality pics/video clips once at the beginning/end of the day. I am not the kind who spams every few hours. Being a perfectionist and a wildlife photographer, I won't send much if I am dissatisfied with my pictures. I don't take pics of all walks, because I need to correct their bad habits and look out for sudden dog confrontations. I don't wish to be distracted by phone messages, so dog owners who hire me ought to trust me. If your pet sitter is over responsive, you know that he/she is often looking at the phone and not focusing on her job. I once had a new client who expected me to respond immediately every time she texted me, otherwise she considers me unresponsive. During peak periods, I am extremely busy with all clients' pets and constant cleaning, I would need a few hours to respond occasionally. 

          Pet taxi/transportation (REGISTERED pet care service business since mid 2018):

          I used to ferry dogs in my Honda Civic for several years but since 4 years ago I own a van which dogs prefer due to bigger space. Dog trainers and regular clients have been using my services for emergencies, grooming, beach/park outings since it's easier to get hold of me as compared to other pet transport. I love driving (and motorcycling), and have clocked at least 40,000km in total on the roads of the above countries that I have self driven. 


          I have assisted in cat hoarding cases, I volunteer in food collection and transport for animal shelters and communities, forge friendships with staff volunteers and rescuers. I coordinate with pet food suppliers who either donate or sell me bulks of food at extremely low prices. I store the food at my place, organize and send them to the stray animals communities and pet shelters (Mercylight, Mdm Wong's shelter, SOSD, Causes for Animals). If you have any unwanted food, cage, cat litter, newspapers, pee pads, old towels, old blankets, and wish to donate, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will come pick them up. 

          Ruby's services

          At the sitter's home

          Dog Boarding
          Dog Boarding
          Overnight stay at the sitter's home
          60 SGD for each additional pet
          65 SGD
          Doggy Day Care
          Doggy Day Care
          Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
          45 SGD for each additional pet
          50 SGD

          At your home

          One home visit a day
          One home visit a day
          Book a pet sitter to stop by your home to feed and play with your pet
          35 SGD
          Two home visits a day
          Two home visits a day
          Two drop-in visits for your pet
          70 SGD

          Ruby also offers

          Pick up / drop off

          Cancellation policy: Flexible

          Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

          No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

          Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone


          Profile accuracy
          Treatment of animals
          Home Visits
          Kim, 2022-12-21

          Ruby is an excellent pet-sitter for our cat--she is extremely detailed and attentive to his needs and how he feels. She also gives us daily updates. We highly recommend her services!

          Dog Boarding
          Sher Yan, 2022-12-09

          High recommend Ruby if you are looking for someone to take care of your paw kid while you are away! She is very responsible and an animal lover. What I love most is she will discourage some of the bad behaviours in the doggies which the pet boarders seldom do . My paw kid loves her ♥️

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          Tarzan & Jane Wannabe, Full-time Long Term Permanent

          Dog Boarding
          Dog boarding
          24h stay, at sitter's home
          60 SGD for each additional pet
          65 SGD
          All services and rates
          Contact Ruby

          Cancellation policy: Flexible

          Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

          No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

          Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone

          Book via Pawshake to enjoy The Pawshake Guarantee, in-house customer support, booking guarantee, safe cashless payments, no booking fees, no change fees, daily updates and more!

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