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About Ruby

I often have close encounters with wildlife in my overseas self driven trips thus my rare unique background enables me to bond easily with the WILDEST pets. Started ad hoc 21 years ago, went into full time 6 years ago and dedicating for the rest of my life, pet care is my skilled

full-time permanent job

with my hubs (Physical Education coach) as my right hand man. We are Godparents to several local and international pets.

**In view of the coronavirus travel restrictions imposed by our government, I have cancelled my plans just to be on standby mode for the rest of the year for customers who are under quarantine in other countries or here, and their pets have been with me for weeks.**

**In the recent years many new customers have lamented about having to change pet sitters frequently because their multiple pet sitters are often unavailable

during long weekends, summer and festive holidays or they suddenly quit/disappear. Please stick to ONE

consistent and permanent pet sitter instead of hiring multiples and putting yourself (and your pets) through unnecessary stress and complaining about all of them!**

Pet owners' misconception:

"Sweet gentle pet sitters best suit my skittish/aggressive pets". After hiring many pet sitters, pet owners realize that

pets do NOT choose base on scent and do NOT have the concept of looks. Animals read human body languages. When they sense human fear, it activates their hunting mode. Many locally experienced pet sitters got scratched and bitten, resulting fear in entering the pets' homes. Skittish pets only trust and respect humans who are firm handlers and exhibit a strong sense of leadership (of the pack or pride).

Many fickle pet owners switch unhealthily between multiple pet sitters/boarders, resulting in pets becoming stressed, confused, undisciplined and imbalanced. Some developed behavioral issues. I came across more fickle cat owners and thus more skittish cats. Familiarity and long term bonding help to reinforce discipline easily (on dogs) and train certain skills (on cats' hunting instinct) since they recognize my voice tone and no-nonsense style. I study them, build strong, long term relationships with them (and their owners) and treat them like my own, thus I have the same customers for up to 15 years or until their pets' last days. I only want to focus on genuine

and consistent pet owners who share this same vision.


Due to past unpleasant experiences, I will only accept regular customers during peak periods. Reasons being:

1. I am hearing too many complaints from new customers about their inconsistent pet sitters/boarders until I am doubting them. Some claimed that they are serious and confirmed my services, but later disappeared or pulled out, went for other inconsistent pet sitters, and then went for multiple ones. Inconsistent

pet owners usually end up having inconsistent pet sitters.

2. Some dogs didn't undergo training, or were cared by previous pet sitters/boarders who undermine discipline. They then exhibited bad behavior at my place and I had to correct them. Some owners went back to previous pet sitters/boarders who undo the discipline again and then came back to me asking for help again. I had to clear up the mess and I won't entertain such pet owners anymore. Whereas my regular customers' dogs know my expectations and their boundaries since they are already used to my style and discipline.



  • work with skittish/aggressive/difficult cats and trained dogs, correct dogs' unwanted habits/behavior
  • beck and call for many Bt Timah/Holland, Newton, Stevens and Robertson Quay/River Valley pet owners; resident pet sitter with D'leedon, Spanish V, Teneriffe, Rivergate, Martin 38, Spottiswoode, Orchard Scotts, Hamilton Scotts, Jervois, Holland, etc. My regular customers ensure that they live close to me even if they move house due to my consistency in caring for their pets through the years
  • work closely with a professional dog trainer and cat rehabilator friend (we often compare who has the most irregular meals and least amount of sleep). We combine dog outings, exchange tips and advice
  • keep countless pets since 4 years old, pets in the recent 6 years belong to regular customers who entrusted them to me permanently after relocating elsewhere
  • dog jog/swim since a pre Veterinary Medicine (and Music) student in the USA 21 years ago, dad's medical assistant until he retired
  • a PetSmart USA member, volunteer at local and overseas animal shelters in handling pets, transportation and food donation drive
  • travel yearly to rural areas of Africa, Australia, Canada and the USA for wildlife study and photography at safaris, farms, national parks, lion rehabilitation camps, underwater reefs (Cairns, Hawaii, Thailand). We often self drive, spot tiny movements, listen for sounds of faraway wildlife and get up to 3 metres close to them. We get stares for being the only long stay Asians at rural areas and certain national parks. We are Tarzan and Jane wannabes, we possess an extremely sharp sense of smell, sight and hearing. We are into Nat Geo and sciences
  • family in Tanzania Africa & Oregon USA
  • walk/jog about 7 dogs daily (from hyperactive puppies to strong 40kg sized dogs) and cat sit daily, handled several hundreds of pets to date
  • reputable music instructor teaching elite and gifted students in advanced and diploma level since 1999; held leadership coaching roles in band, choir, and involved in music judging competitions
  • FB Ruby's Animal Adventures - read my articles
  • with Pawshake ever since it started Aug/Sept 2014, probably longest standing and longest working hour pet sitter

No surcharge during festive/peak periods or odd hours but visits/walks will be shorter due to demands, reunion dinners, festive visits/celebrations.

DO NOT CONTACT ME if you are looking at cheap rates.

I have regular customers who even paid up to double just because I have been the most consistent and committed pet sitter around, which means much sacrifice (constant schedule readjustments, very late meals, giving up personal appointments/holidays/rest, etc.) on my part. There will be a surcharge for paid parking and Sentosa residents.

Working hours (only central areas):

8+am to midnight, 365 days. I cannot adhere to a particular strict timing (esp in the morning - I have to deal with traffic peak hours) as I go by route planning which is time and gas efficient for me. I need sufficient rest thus I would appreciate flexible timings.

Pets' survival skills:

Being too protective towards your pets (i.e. they are never left alone before), and too strict with their meal times thinking that they will die if they delay their meals by some hours, will result pets in having separation anxiety and ZERO survival skills if they ever venture outside your home and get lost. They need to learn to be independent, be trained in their hunting skills and given the opportunity to use them.

Dog boarding at landed property with a big garden and big porch occasionally assessed by my dog trainer friend and inspected by relatives who visit our place regularly. A handful of dog trainers/boarders have even copied my boarding style:

  • we have a huge pool of regular customers who book several months ahead
  • contact me if you genuinely want landed property (not condo) as your ONLY choice
  • rate is non-negotiable

- dogs are much more active at my place compared to flat/condo boarding (I have tested it on several dogs already) due to space, social interaction, ball/water activities, chasing after small wildlife. Thus much discipline, time, cleaning and electricity are required. ALL dog owners and visitors feedback that I do the most among all pet sitters/boarders/hotels they had used previously. We tire the dogs out regularly until we ourselves are often so exhausted

  • dogs must already be
  • fully house trained, potty trained, have no separation anxiety,

    no excessive barking,

    no chewing,

    non aggressive (I have elderly parents)

    - I need to be strict because it's my parents' house. I have a tiger mom and a nasty neighbor who is intolerant towards the neighborhood dogs

  • meant for dogs who love rugged outdoor, space and grass; don't mind getting dirty, muddy and smelly
  • (I will clean them), thus revolution/frontline/nexgard required. Unsuitable for dogs with serious skin issues or prone to eye infection

  • unless your dog is old and weak, or has low stamina, we will go for casual walks. Otherwise it will follow our active lifestyle which includes ball activities, 2 walks/day. 1-2 visits/week to dog parks, 2 weekdays pack walking at Robertson Quay that last 2 hours - only during non peak periods and only for dogs who love walks
  • free baths, occasional home cooked meals
  • limited to 3-4 dogs at a time
  • (not 20 please, dogs need space to run!), no cats as it's a non cat proof house. No extremely small slim dogs (eg. Chihuahua) due to gaps of my house gates, but fluffy small dogs (eg. Pomeranian) are fine

  • free roaming at a big sheltered porch with turbo/industrial fans where we chill out, and a huge garden (see FB video) where dogs suntan, relieve themselves, play tag, roll and run deliriously at sleeping hours and on rainy days! Shy dogs usually settle down within a day after self exploring at the big comfortable space. Leashed or put in playpens during meals, raining periods and open house gates to ensure discipline
  • 24 hours light background music (I'm a musician afterall)
  • no late checkout charges, come pick up anytime
  • Please note that a landed property has a different set up from kennels, pet hotels, flats, apartments, condos. A few dogs forget house training at my place. They bark more due to external/outdoor unfamiliar noise and passing movements, they mark territories which require a lot of cleaning, they chewed and destroyed some house items.

    Dogs with separation anxiety or barking issues (very important)

    I have learnt through new customers and forums that some dog boarders, including those who use positive reinforcements, had to terminate their boarding business due to the above issues after authorities intervened. If your dog exhibits such issues, it will lead the dog boarder into trouble. Positive reinforcements unfortunately produce very slow results (takes several weeks or months) and it's ineffective if an IMMEDIATE solution is required. I have dogs coming to me with such issues despite boarding with and being walked by a dog trainer regularly for several months.

    Pics/Videos for dog boarding:

    I usually send a set of pics/video clips once at the end of the day. I am not the kind who would send pics/video clips every few hours. Being a perfectionist and a wildlife photographer, I won't send much if I am dissatisfied with my skills or if I find that the pictures aren't meaningful. I don't take pics of all walks, because I want to focus on working out the dogs, correcting their bad habits and looking out for sudden dog confrontations. I don't wish to be distracted by phone messages, so dog owners who hire me ought to trust me.

    Dog walking/socialization/daycare:

    It's not just plain dog walking. I reinforce obedience/discipline and correct unwanted habits/behavior. I have disrupted several dog confrontations led by other owners/maids/dog walkers. I will NOT walk your dog if you have multiple untrained dog walkers because dogs pick up bad habits within minutes of walk. It is frustrating to undo these and to repeatedly retrain the dogs. I have seen dog owners/maids/dog walkers stood clueless during dog confrontations, used wrong methods, wrong tone and wrong choice of words to stop barking dogs, resulting in more aggression.

    A successful dog walker possesses dog psychological understanding AND leadership qualities.

    I have tackled mongrels, stubborn and skittish dogs who struggled with or refused other dog walkers. My physique, tanned skin and scars are proofs of experience.

    Several dog owners request dog socialization for their dogs, esp timid, antisocial or young ones. I occasionally bring dogs under my care along to dog walking assignments. I have clusters of customers (they recommend me to their neighbors or nearby friends) at Bt Timah/Holland and Robertson Quay whose dogs socialize and burn their energy even more when I pack walk them. Many dog owners have feedback that their dogs became more confident and less barky.

    Dog/Cat/Rabbit sitting

    (surcharge for any additional hours):

    My face is an access pass to at least 30 condos due to my excellent PR. I have forged strong friendships with cleaners and security guards (some greet me in pet languages, some call me for help regarding pets, some lunch with me). I have brought pets to the vet, reached homes not easily accessible, handled homes' water leakage and ant/roach problem. We have cared for pets' ill health and heartbreaking last moments while owners are away. We still keep in touch and have visited pet owners who relocated overseas, we share pet food recipes and wildlife travels.

    As a cat sitter, I have easily tackled shy/skittish cats. Such cats will not be bribed. They look for certain character qualities in cat sitters. I studied big cats and their hunting skills/instincts from lion rehabilitation camps, and have (unexpectedly) turned some outdoor cats, Bengal, Turkish Van, Maine Coon, Persians, Ragdolls, Siberian etc into panting ninjas!

    House sitting:

    • thanks to my parents' upbringing, I am frugal (I inspect and turn off anything in the house that's not in use) and a hygiene freak
    • limited to Bukit Timah (King's Rd, Coronation Rd, Namly, 6th Ave), Farrer Rd, Botanic Gardens, Holland Rd. Stevens Rd, Tanglin Rd - depends.
    • available only during non peak periods, so please do NOT choose me if you need require a consistent house sitter
    • additional fee from a 3rd pet onwards
    Pet taxi/transportation:

    Regular customers get negotiated rates. I ferried regular dog customers in my Honda Civic for 10 years. I now have a new van! Dog owners feedback that the van is definitely better than the car. I love driving (and motorcycling), and have clocked at least 30,000km (19,000 miles) on the roads of the above countries that I have self driven.


    Besides transporting dogs and cats from pet shelters, my place has also been designated for pet food donation drive for pet shelters and pet community feeders. If you have any unwanted food and wish to donate, please don't hesitate to message me.

    Ruby's services

    At the sitters's home

    Dog Boarding
    Overnight stay at the sitter's home
    50 SGD for each additional pet
    55 SGD
    Doggy Day Care
    Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
    35 SGD for each additional pet
    40 SGD

    At your home

    Dog Walking
    An experienced dog walker will pick up your dog from your home for a 30 min walk
    10 SGD for each additional pet
    30 SGD
    Home Visits
    Book a sitter to visit your home to feed and play with your pets
    66 SGD for two visits a day
    33 SGD
    House Sitting
    A pet sitter stays overnight in your home and cares for your pet
    80 SGD

    Ruby also offers

    Pick up / drop off

    Cancellation policy: Moderate

    Full refund if cancelled before noon 7 days before the booking, 50% refund afterwards
    Doggy day care and dog walks always have flexible cancellation policy: Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards. No refund is possible after the booking has started.


    Profile accuracy
    Treatment of animals
    Dog Boarding
    Christopher, 2020-02-03

    Our Labrador was in good hands with Ruby. We were sent daily updates, with photos and videos.

    We like that the dog had a large area to roam around the the patio and grass garden. Good location close to us, we will use her again.

    Home Visits
    Juliet, 2020-01-09

    Ruby looked after my two Ragdolls for 10 nights in December and they couldn’t of been in better hands. Thank you Ruby for sending me such lovely photos and videos every day and for taking such good care of my two boys. The boys look forward to seeing you again soon! 😻😻

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    Ruby's Pets

    Shih Tzu

    About Ruby's Home

    Accepted pets

    < 1 year
    Dog sizes
    0-40 kg
    Dog ages
    0-20 years
    Dog sex
    Female & Male

    Ruby's home

    A medium outdoor area
    Has no kids
    24/7 supervision
    A fully fenced backyard
    Emergency transport

    Walking areas

    Nearby off-leash dog area
    Urban & City park


    Specific Skills

    I speak English & Chinese
    +20 years of experience
    Familiar with dog training techniques

    Gift of instruction - especially in the areas of animals and performing arts. I have been coaching since a teenager to music students, english students, adult choirs, youth choirs and pet assistants. High level of patience and creativity. Highly sought after (as a music coach and pet sitter) but prefer to keep a low profile as I don't want to tire myself.

    Gift of leadership - often chosen to lead in performing arts area because I am firm and assertive, I build relationships and communicate/articulate well - probably contributed to easy and successful walking of stubborn and selective dogs. I am a pack leader!

    Resourceful - I am very well travelled and thus blessed to have very good knowledge and connections, so I know where to get quality stuff at good deals. I have driven in to Malaysia hundreds of times already.

    Excellent driving skills, even in heavy downpour with zero visibility or on streets with zero lights and reflectors (yes, Africa) - I have been told that I drive more than an average American in the USA itself due to the many national parks I have visited. Driven all kinds of cars, MPVs, SUVs, vans. Rode a motorbike for 10 years but stopped after getting married. Wanted to try class 4, but no time.

    Planner - helped friends with overseas itinerary planning, led visitors around Singapore

    Sharp sense of sight (very observant, detect movements quickly), hearing (can hear distant noises like water drips/running, slight movement noise, high pitches - did much sound mixing for music bands in the past, ears get painful (and start ringing) at loud feedback and screaming kids, smell (can detect a roach, rat or certain animal in an enclosed area; nauseate upon bad smell).

    Personality - free spirited, adventurous, rugged, gutsy, strict, fussy, selective, cautious, firm, assertive, meticulous, dedicated, consistent.

    Can Administer

    Oral medications
    Injected medications

    Experience with

    Animal welfare as a volunteer
    Rescuing pets
    Behavioural problems


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    Tarzan & Jane Wannabe, Full-time Long Term Permanent

    Dog Boarding
    24h stay, at sitter's home
    50 SGD for each additional pet
    55 SGD
    All services and rates

    Cancellation policy: Moderate

    Full refund if cancelled before noon 7 days before the booking, 50% refund afterwards
    Doggy day care and dog walks always have flexible cancellation policy: Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards. No refund is possible after the booking has started.

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