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Ginger’s Casa (Small dogs home - One dog at a time)

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Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
45 SGD for each additional pet
55 SGD
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About Luz

Hello, I'm Ginger

I'm a 3-year-old toy poodle and a happy resident of the Katong / Joo Chiat neighbourhood. I live with my pawrents in a small landed house with a spacious living room/kitchen for playing and running around & a good size front patio where I love to chill.

My parents (Luz & David) are animal lovers that give me a lot of attention and spoil me rotten :) My dad had a Westie for 13 years before I’ve arrived in his life and I’m mommy's first dog. We love chilling out on the patio, the outdoors, picnics and cafe-hopping.

Instagram: Ginger'sCasa_bogboarding

My neighbourhood: Residential area, very safe for walking and sniffing; mostly pet-friendly all around :) East Coast Beach and Dog Run Parks are within walking distance. Emergency 24h vet

About me:

* I enjoy the greenery surroundings of my neighbourhood and I have 3 walks a day. Sniffing around and catching up on all the changes in the neighbourhood is my passion.

* I love playing ball with my dad at home, and I try to get a good hand fighting vs dog every day; he always lets me win :)

* I’m sterilized

* A bit in mommy’s lap time is a must daily

* Enjoy very much peaceful naps

* I like going out for some cafe-hopping very much 


About you:

* Good temperament so we can enjoy each other’s company

* You are maximum around 5kg so we can play together

* You must be toilet trained, preferably outdoor trained

* You must have vaccinations up to date and be tick-free

* If you have any special requirements or requests, please reach out for discussion



  • Meet & greet before boarding   
  • Maintain your regular diet  
  • Pawsome fun, playtime and walks   
  • Daily update your parents with photos/videos to give them peace of mind  
  • Bring your bed, your favourites toys and food/treats/ medicine etc to make your stay more comfortable  
  • No more than 1 dog at a time so it would be just you and me at home. If boarding is required for 2 dogs, please reach out for discussion.
  • If you are looking for a place to stay for a few days while your parents are away on vacation, please do feel free to reach out to arrange a meetup; I would love to have a brother or a sister for a few days at our home.


    • Boarding: pick up and drop off times fall within the 24-hour time frame. For example, if drop off is at 9 am, pick-up should be at 9 am on the last day. You may book separately additional time (later pick-up) in the form of daycare. Please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss.   
    • Daycare is offered primarily as an additional service for doggies on a boarding stay and not as standalone service.  
    • Luz's services

      At the sitter's home

      Dog Boarding
      Overnight stay at the sitter's home
      45 SGD for each additional pet
      55 SGD
      Doggy Day Care
      Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
      30 SGD for each additional pet
      40 SGD

      Cancellation policy: Flexible

      Full refund if canceled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward. No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.


      Profile accuracy
      Treatment of animals
      Dog Boarding
      Dev, 2022-06-09

      Recently, my husband and I went for a holiday and had to find a pet boarding for our 2 paw kids. We met Ginger and parents on Pawshake and had such a pleasent experience!

      Luz invited us for a meet and greet session where Rana and Bella met Ginger. After assessing the suitability on how our kids got along, Luz and Dave agreed to take care of our kids.

      Luz made the hand over so easy by giving us a list of items to prepare and bring over. On the day itself, all I had to do was hand over the items and the kids and we were off for our holiday. The checklist was great!

      During the 5 days that Rana and Bella stayed over, Luz and Dave made the days so easy for us. They constantly kept updating us on what they did everyday and kept sending us pictures. Rana and Bella were treated amazingly well. Everyday was an activity, the park, a number of walks, playing in the rain, playing with lots of balls! It felt like my paw kids were on a holiday as much as us!

      They kept updating us on a daily basis, at least once or twice (sometimes more). Luz enquired about some behavioral matters along the days and this is very important to us because as this was their first pet boarding session for Rana and Bella.

      The day we went back to fetch them, Luz and David packed every item and readied Rana and Bella. It was as smooth as dropping them off!

      Only then did Luz spend time to talk to us about Rana and Bella and gave us feedback. The feedback was very useful and we really appreciated it!

      Luz, Dave and Ginger definitely made our holiday a fantastic one. They gave us a peace of mind and were super considerate. Ginger and parents would be our ideal choice anytime we need to leave our paw kids for boarding.

      Dog Boarding
      Kate, 2022-05-31

      1000% Higly recommend!

      Luz and David are so passionate, genuine, caring, knowledgeable, proactive and generous. I visited their house with my Coco(1 yr old) 2 wk before my trip started, because Luz proactively asked me to come and see if Ginger(their lovely dog) gets along with Coco. their place is great for Coco to walk. it is quiet and peaceful (not many cars)

      she also sent me a detailed preparation list.

      during the trip, she sent me so many photos and specific explanations. it is not just "take and send" kind of photo. they even edited the videos and sent me the highlights!!

      they really went on a picnic with Coco and Ginger, and I can see Coco enjoy staying with them. they even brought him to the beach to sea swim! Honestly, I felt so bad 🤣 cause they are just so great pet owners and Coco didn't experience a lot of things when he was with me!!

      they also gave Coco lots of healthy snacks(like blueberries, papaya, Greek yogurt, etc.) which Coco hasn't even tried before 🤣

      I was almost worried what if Coco loves them so much and doesn't wanna follow me after the trip😂

      after the service, she sent me a detailed message what food he had tried, what he likes etc. they are absolutely gorgeous people and I really appreciate it!

      when I used other petsitters, Coco lost his weights cause he is really picky and didnt eat much.

      but he gained some weights this time since Luz and David fed him even by hands(Coco needs attention😅)

      if I go travel again, I will definitely let them take care of Coco!!

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      Luz's Pets

      Toy Poodle

      About Luz's Home

      Accepted pets

      Dog sizes
      0-10 kg

      Luz's home

      A medium outdoor area
      Has no kids
      A fully fenced backyard

      Walking areas

      Nearby off-leash dog area
      Urban, Beach & City park


      Specific Skills

      I speak English & French & Spanish
      +10 years of experience
      We have completed a dog obedience training in Singapore with our dog to better understand dogs' needs and learn the best way to encourage obedience in a loving and effective way. David has been a pet owner for 16 years Luz has been a pet owner for 3 years




      Ginger’s Casa (Small dogs home - One dog at a time)

      Dog boarding
      24h stay, at sitter's home
      45 SGD for each additional pet
      55 SGD
      All services and rates
      Contact Luz

      Cancellation policy: Flexible

      Full refund if canceled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward. No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

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