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Pet friendly environment at East coast with urban big parks, and east coast park around.

Hi, Im Christy and I will be happy to take care of ur dog/s. Im indonesian and I’ve moved to Singapore from Jakarta since 2017. I have grown up with pets since my childhood since 20 years of experience live and take care of dogs.

Currently i have 4 dogs in jakarta and I adopted 1 senior dog in singapore. His name is mochi, white Maltese. He is gentle, loving, love to snuggle and cute. I grow with attachment to fur kids and the reason i adopt a dog in singapore because i believe i can give him better life.

My adopted Mochi was neglected from his previous family and he was very skinny, lots of health issues. However he is very playful now, potty train and able to do some tricks. I feel that he needs a friend, thats the reason i open myself to be pet sitter.

About my self:

- I am professional. During this pandemic situation, i’m fully work from home. So basically i’m able to give 24/7 attention.

- i live in condo apartment with only my dog. that near small and big parks.

- Safe and quiet environment around my home

- Just to assure you, I also live close to pet store and vet in case you need anything or urgent things

- i always treat dogs as my own family

- In case i need to go out, I have web cam installed to monitor my own dog

-Im able to communicate daily with you by text or video every day

Dog activities:

1. Take them for walk 1-2 times a day (morning around 8/9am for 15-25mnts and evening around 6.30pm for 45-60 mnts a day. Sometimes I bring my dog to restaurant nearby to dine in

2. On the afternoon, my dog will pee at his pee pad at balcony, so do your dog

3. Play with toys every time a day (rope, doll and ball)

4. Dog boarding with giving food provided by you and i can give u foods that my dog also eat.

5. Free roam on my home every day at living room, bathroom and balcony. No cage or no fence at all

6. My dog sleep on my bed and your dog also can sleep on my room / i can open my room with aircon while your dog sleep in living room.

7. Administer medicine, vitamin, treats, shower and etc.

8. I can assure hygiene of ur dog, as i do the same with mine. Such as: wash/ wipe their paws and genital after walk and wipe their mouth after eat/ drink.

9. I can offer you free bathing if your dog live with me for more than a week.

Additional note:

- i dont offer day care as i dont want to leave my own dog at home. Thats why i prefer your dog stay with me.

- i offer dog walk if you stay near my place, so i can pick up your dog along with i walk my dog

- I restrict for maximum of 1 dog (1 small of 1 medium dogs) to make sure i able to give them attention and care. And also to make sure my dog comfortable with yours

- I only accept small dog or medium dog, to make sure that my own dog doesnt get intimidated with big dog

please see my photo gallery of my place, my home surrounding that perfectly suitable for pets :)

Please ping me if you are interested and we can talk further about you and your dog needs. Looking forward to meet your dog!

Christy's services

At the sitter's home

Dog Boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
20 SGD for each additional pet
27 SGD
Doggy Day Care
Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
20 SGD for each additional pet
27 SGD

At your home

Dog Walking
An experienced dog walker will pick up your dog from your home for a 30 min walk
15 SGD for each additional pet
15 SGD

Christy also offers

Dog training

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards


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Rafael, 2020-09-22

Great sitter. Boarded Pluto for 4 days and Christy's communication with us for the entire duration was excellent. She sent pictures and videos regularly while updating us on his well being. We could tell Pluto was taken care of really well and obviously enjoyed his 'staycation' too. Christy spent a good amount of time playing with Pluto and he definitely made new friends and enjoyed his long walks. Highly recommend! Thanks Christy!


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Christy's home

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I speak English
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Oral medications

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Animal welfare as a volunteer
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My home

Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
20 SGD for each additional pet
27 SGD
All services and rates
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Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards

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