Kitty Companion While You're Away

Kitty Companion While You're Away

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Hi, I'm Bam!

I understand how torn you must feel when you cannot always be there for your kitty. Whether it's a week of late nights at work or a well-deserved vacation, you worry that your beloved kitty needs some company and cuddles while you're away. And like any responsible fur parent you're not going to book a cat hotel whenever you leave town. Boarding situations can be stressful and scary especially for our sensitive babies. Well, I've been in that situation and couldn't find a solution. Now thankfully it's easier to get help. So if you need a reliable cat-loving sitter to come over to chat up your kitty and cheer him/her up right at home, feed and fill water bowls and fulfill litterbox duty on your behalf, book me and you can be sure it won't be the last time. I cherish every moment spent with our feline friends and shall appreciate doing a job I absolutely love while giving a fellow fur-parent a helping paw...I mean, hand.

Specific Skills

I speak English, Chinese & Portuguese
20+ years of experience

I used to carry kitty kibble in my bag to feed the cats in my old neighborhood daily on my way to work and coming home. During that time I have nursed injured cats and rescued four little ones who became my personal furry companions. Sadly, three of them have since crossed rainbow bridge at 11, 14 and 15 years of age. I lost the first one to mammary cancer and the other two to kidney failure. My current kitty has been with me since she was a tiny furball in my palm. She is 18+ now, and even though she was diagnosed in 2014 with early-stage chronic kidney disease, she is still her sassy self and sometimes still thinks she is a baby. So in short I have spent more than 30 years in the company of cats and have experience looking after them at every life stage. I am very comfortable with cleaning up after our fastidious felines. Boy, do they love being clean! I promise I shall look after your precious kitties as if they were my own. To be honest I adore cats so much I would do it for free. But I need to see to my elderly cat's specific dietary needs, give her subcutaneous fluids to keep her hydrated and give her a three monthly check-up to monitor her health. Good care costs quite a bit and it can all add up since I stopped working full-time to give her the best care for her golden years. I also make a living as a freelance copywriter. So I can work from anywhere, giving me the flexibility to help you anytime you need me. We can help each other out for the benefit of our furry kids!

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