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Leng & Rach

Loving & Clean Homestay @ canine first aider's home (serangoon area) By Executive Couple

Singapore, woodleigh
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Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
15 SGD for each additional pet
20 SGD
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About Leng & Rach

Hi there!

We are a loving married couple in our thirties and we would love to take care of your pet. We do not have kids yet and ain’t sure how the next few years will pan out with children + our own dog around. Yet, we do not want to miss out the joy of having a little pooch around to add to our love nest. Hence, we will treat your pet like our own. (That means sponsored-by-us meals at pet cafes on our days off, outings with our friends and outdoor fun.)

Why is our price so cheap?

We want more pet parents to look for us. Our price benefits pet parents whose dogs are generally easy to care for, yet they do not wish to pay the expensive fees by other pet sitters. (Look around on all pet-sitting platforms/websites and you will know what I mean.)


Walks/dog park visits in the morning or evening (when my mom comes over)

Fetch along our long corridor

Playtime with our friends n us

Kong treat toy


Water-proof and comfortable dog bed

Food & water bowl

Dog shampoo (Yu Antibacterial, Nootie, EarthBath)

Flea & Tick Spray (Do let us know if you do not want your pet to have this)

Dental treats & other treats


1. Food (Pls pack more than the required amount as most dogs usually get hungrier during their stay as we bring them out for exercise a lot.)

Surcharge of $5 per day if meals are freshly steamed

If it’s simple defrost, no extra charge. :)

2. Treats (for training purposes)

3. Pee pads

4. Pet wipes

5. Leash/Collar

6. Towel (for stays that are more than 6 days)

If your pet is staying for more than 2 weeks, we will launder the towel before returning it to you.

7. Bed (if your dog is picky about where to sleep)

8. Food & water bowl (for picky dogs & larger breeds)

Other things to note

1. Inform us of all existing medical conditions. We do not accept dogs with ticks & fleas. (We treat our guest pets like our own and we want a hygienic environment for the pets.)

2. Kindly bathe & walk your pet (toilet business) before dropping him/her off.

3. We do not accept dogs who bark excessively and dogs with separation anxiety. (We have neighbours with young children next door and we would like to let them have a good night's rest.)

4. We reserve the right to bring your dog to the vet - emergency, our judgement call. Of course, we will definitely update and consult you. For the visit to the vet, we will record the medical consultation and send it to you.

Why should you choose us?

-local university graduates; executive Singaporean couple (legitimate and decent people)

- Focus on well-being (physical and emotional) and cleanliness of your pet

-Only 1-2 pet at a time (unless you have two pets from the same family/there’s a slight overlap in stay duration with another pet)

-Certified trained Canine First Responder (Wife); Husband is in healthcare

-Importance on health (physical and emotional) and cleanliness of pet.

Paws and body will be wiped after each walk; entire body is cleaned every night

-Completed courses on pet care and management.

-safe and loving environment in a low-density estate with other friendly dogs during evening walks

- Daily check of your pet's health (toilet habits, nose, ears & eyes, coat)

We do this to ensure that your pet is healthy. In the event of sickness, we will update you as soon as we discover it. From there, you can make informed decisions about what to do with your pet.

In the event of an emergency, we will rush your pet to the nearest vet (650m away from our place)/pet hospital (costs- transport & treatment to be borne by you).

- Home is cleaned thoroughly with professional help weekly. We do simple cleaning daily.


1. How long will my pet be left alone?

Depends on our schedule. Usually a maximum of 3-6 hours. Sometimes never.

We have our mum come over during the day to play with the doggy.

2. Any strict drop-off & pick-up timings?

Nope, as long as it is both to our convenience.

3. What if my pet becomes ill while I am away?

We will contact you immediately to alert you of the situation. You will make the decision. However, if it is a serious case, we will rush your pet to the vet immediately. (We are trained in first aid for animals.)

4. Will my pet be caged?

No cages used. We have playpen if you prefer your dog to be confined. If not, it is free roaming. They can sleep anywhere in the house.

5. How often are the pee breaks?

Morning, around 2+pm and 10pm

6. How many walks do they get?

Up to you.

2 walks minimum. Feel free to request for more.

7. Can you administer medication & injection?

Yes. We are canine first-aid trained and work in the medical field.

Lastly, we are a friendly and responsible Christian couple who are experienced pet-sitters. Feel free to chat us up and ask us questions. No obligation at all! :)

Leng & Rach's services

At the sitter's home

Dog Boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
15 SGD for each additional pet
20 SGD
Doggy Day Care
Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
20 SGD for each additional pet
20 SGD

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards


Profile accuracy
Treatment of animals
Dog Boarding
Ivanny, 2020-03-01

Rach and Leng are superb! They gathered much information about Solo before the boarding dates. They show love and genuine care throughout Solo's stay, welcoming him as a part of their family, including him in their family and friends' gatherings. Rach and Leng are patience and understanding while Solo is adjusting to them on his early days. They're meticulous and consistent in sharing updates. I love it that they practice healthy lifestyle through fruits treats and daily exercises for Solo. Their great efforts in caring for Solo is dearly appreciated!

Dog Boarding
Christy, 2019-11-04

Koh & An are very sweet couple that love pets.

I board my dog for 3 nights.

They are very responsive answering all the inquiries before and during boarding.

Another thing that i salute them is their dedication of fulfilling my dog’s need, for example they will run to pet shop to buy pee sheet, walk my dog frequently because he is not get used to new environment, and willing to give my dog snacks with their own food as well.

They live in a nice area, so they also be able to walk pets freely.

Very Recommended host :)

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About Leng & Rach's Home

Accepted pets

< 1 year
Dog sizes
0-40 kg
Dog ages
0-8 years
Dog sex
Female & Male

Leng & Rach's home

An apartment
A small outdoor area
Has no kids

Walking areas

Nearby off-leash dog area
Urban & City park


Specific Skills

I speak English & Japanese & Chinese
+10 years of experience
Familiar with dog training techniques
Can take care of exotic animals

canine first-aid certified

Can Administer

Oral medications
First aid and CPR for pets
Injected medications

Experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer


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Leng & Rach

Leng & Rach

Loving & Clean Homestay @ canine first aider's home (serangoon area) By Executive Couple

Singapore, woodleigh
Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
15 SGD for each additional pet
20 SGD
All services and rates
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Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards

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