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Vet Tech-turned-college Student

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Dog walking
Min. 30-minute walks
5 SGD for each additional pet
15 SGD
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Karen is currently not available to accept new requests.

About Karen


  • Services I offer: ONE home visit OR

dogwalking per day around the late afternoon/evening time ONLY

  • I NO LONGER offer two home visits per day due to my updated schedule.
  • If you are unsure of which option to select, feel free to drop me a message with details pertaining to your petsitting
  • needs and I will be more than happy to help you out. :)

  • Please send me a message/enquiry that contains the specific details of your
  • petsitting

    needs and your location first before making a booking.

  • I take my jobs seriously regardless if it is house visits or walks, and will NOT accept bookings (especially from first-time clients who have not discussed with me via an enquiry/message) unless I have at least discussed with you via messages and/or in person
  • -------------------------------



    • "Dogwalking" charge of $15 is ONLY applicable to pets that are located 10 - 15 minute walk away from my home in BISHAN and require petwalking services under 45 minutes.
    • Those who live further away (ie. in Marymount, Lorong Chuan, Braddell, Toa Payoh, AMK etc.) will be subjected to additional $5 charge.
    • The petwalking

    service STRICTLY covers the SOLE duty of walking your pet and picking up its poop in public. Feeding, replacing soiled litter/newspapers/pee pads, and any other home visit duties are

    NOT included under the petwalking service option that I offer.

  • This option is suitable for pet owners who are healing from physical injuries that may hinder them from walking their pets, are unable to spare the time to take their pets out
  • as much as they would like, or have a family member or co-tenant who can manage petsitting needs within the household but is not comfortable taking the pet out for a walk etc.

  • This option is NOT RECOMMENDED for pet owners who are travelling abroad and do not have anyone at home to tend to the pet's needs beyond walking. If you fall into this category, please consider opting for my home visit service instead.
  • Kindly inform me
  • about your preferences and your pet's preferences regarding walks (ie. a specific route, keep children/other animals/everyone away from pet).

  • Regardless of how gentle and well-behaved your pet is,
  • petwalking

    services will only be available if a leash is provided by the pet owner. Pet owners are required by the Singapore law to leash their dogs in public and the maximum fine for not doing so is SGD5,000. A muzzle should also be provided if your dog is of a breed that is specified in AVA's Second Schedule of the Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules. The maximum fine for not doing so is SGD5,000 for the first

    offence, and a fine not exceeding SGD10,000 for the second or subsequent conviction.-------------------------------



    Pet owners who engage my services as returning/regular clients are entitled to a discount on my current home visit rates for the subsequent times that they hire me. Please kindly contact me for more information after your first petsitting assignment for me has ended. Terms and conditions apply.

    On average, I spend around 1-2 hours at your home per visit for one or two pets regardless

    of where they are located. However, I do prefer accepting home visits that are in or close to Bishan.

    If you would like to opt for the "one home visit per day" option and have three or four pets, please select the "two home visits per day" option. The extra charge is to account for the extra 1-2 hours that I spend at your home to perform the petsitting duties. If you have under three pets but require me to perform elaborate petsitting duties that would take more than 2 hours, please select this option.

    In addition to typical petsitting needs (eg. feeding, replacing soiled litter/newspapers/pee pads), I can also do the following at no extra charge:

    • send you a few pictures and/or videos of your pet(s) via Whatsapp if home wi-fi access is provided by pet owner
    • keep you updated on the well-being of your pet(s) (eg. if pet is eating/drinking/excreting daily, general mood of your pet, any abnormalities

    in behaviour/habits)

    if home wi-fi access is provided by



  • entertain your pet by talking, playing, stroking, brushing fur, and/or offering treats if toys, brush and/or treats are provided by pet owner (subject to pet(s)' mood)
  • take your pet out for a walk that lasts a maximum of 45 minutes if leash is provided (longer walks are subjected to additional charges, please refer to section above for more info on walks)
  • take your pet(s) to your nearest/preferred veterinary clinic for any necessary check-ups or vaccinations, or even a pet grooming salon, if you are able to cover the transportation cost and the veterinary/grooming bill, on top of my petsitting charges (upon pet owner's request only)
  • administer any oral/topical medicine to your pet as prescribed by your pet's veterinarian (upon pet owner's request only, subject to pet(s)' personality and healthcare needs)
  • water a few potted house plants (upon pet owner's request only)
  • If you prefer for me not to do any of the above actions, feel free to let me know. If you have any other special requests that are not listed above, feel free to let me know as well and we can discuss.



    I am currently a Master's student at NTU with a relatively flexible schedule. Hence, I am able to help pet owners out and have the opportunity to meet new furry friends! (: I have always loved animals and I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in 2013 with a Diploma in Veterinary Technology (I am able to produce documentary proof of it if you are concerned about my credentials) after studying the course for three years. I guess I am also an amateur pet photographer of sorts as I enjoy taking photographs of animals with my phone. I upload some of my pictures at

    Although I am unable to house any pets at my place, I am more than happy to drop by your place to take care of your pets' needs. It may seem like more of an inconvenience for me to do so but I believe such arrangements are more beneficial for the pets, especially cats, as they can be easily-stressed in new environments and it would be easier for them to cope with a stranger (aka me, the petsitter) in their own familiar environment than in a completely new and unfamiliar territory.

    Contrary to my profile pictures, I will not force my affections on an animal or insist on carrying/picking it up if it does not like it. As much as I love animals, I am not starved for affection from animals and I am more than happy to give it space if a pet prefers to be left alone.

    Karen's services

    At your home

    Dog Walking
    An experienced dog walker will pick up your dog from your home for a 30 min walk
    5 SGD for each additional pet
    15 SGD
    Home Visits
    Book a sitter to visit your home to feed and play with your pets
    50 SGD for two visits a day
    30 SGD

    Cancellation policy: Flexible

    Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards


    Profile accuracy
    Treatment of animals
    Home Visits
    Benny, 2019-09-21

    We are extremely happy with Karen. She’s very professional. Even though it’s the first time we used her service, she easily made my cat bonded with her. She kept my cat happy and sent me update. Btw she’s also a good photographer. She took great photos of my cat. Will definitely used her service again.

    Home Visits
    Tabatha, 2019-08-17

    Karan is fantastic! She's very communicative and flexible. We'll definitely by hiring her again next time we go on holiday.

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    Specific Skills

    I speak English & Chinese
    +5 years of experience

    My three-year Diploma in Veterinary Technology course at Temasek Polytechnic has equipped me with the necessary skills to be a competent veterinary nurse, NOT a veterinarian. I have done internships at two local veterinary clinics while I was studying for my diploma and also did an internship overseas on an Australian alpaca farm. I also have petsitting experience that involved walking and putting diapers on a geriatric dog with incontinence and grumpiness that comes with old age as well as a young dog with stubborn dermatitis and fungal infections that required both topical and oral medications three times a day. I have also experience with administering sub-cutaneous fluids to pets with kidney issues.

    Can Administer

    Oral medications
    First aid and CPR for pets
    Injected medications

    Experience with

    Animal welfare as a volunteer
    Rescuing pets




    Vet Tech-turned-college Student

    Dog walking
    Min. 30-minute walks
    5 SGD for each additional pet
    15 SGD
    All services and rates


    Karen is currently not available to accept new requests.

    Cancellation policy: Flexible

    Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards

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