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Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
45 SGD for each additional pet
49 SGD
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Ari is currently not available to accept new requests.

About Ari

Welcome to Ari’s Pet Boarding House 🏡

While you’re on vacation, your pet/best friend will be on a luxurious staycation with us. Your best friend will be showered with lots of love and attention. We provide complimentary transportation pick up and drop off. Amidst your busy schedule, free pet transportation to our boarding house will take some load off your shoulders.

Your best friend will get our undivided attention as we only board a maximum of 2 guests at once. Most of time, we only board 1 pet at a time. There is no resident pet.

We’ll prefer to develop a long term relationship and trust with your pet. We realised that it takes time for your pet to adjust to an unfamiliar environment. Once your pet has adjusted to the environment, this place is like their second home. Your pet will look forward to come back next time as it has many happy memories with us. We would like your pets to be our regulars and good friends. Your pet will always have a familiar face to take care of it when you’re out of town.


I have been taking care of cats recently and I love their company dearly. I would like to take care of more cats. I was pet sitting an exotic flat face kitten for 6 months and it bought a lot of love and joy into my life.


Our 3.5 storeys house near Orchard includes a front porch, back yard and outdoor kitchen. We have 8 bedrooms and extra bedrooms in the house.

The guest pet(s) can sleep or play in the guest bedroom in the photo on the 3rd floor. We have also have a backyard and it is fully fenced. Our gates are safe and secure and the gates are fenced up too.

I am a working professional with a full-time finance job in the Central Business District. However, there will always be someone (my helper) at home to look after your best friend. Rest assure that there will always be someone with your pet. Your pet will never feel lonely. Also, we love small pets such as guinea pigs, cats and hamsters. Feel free to bring them to our 'pet hotel' :)

I’m always traveling for work. Hence, I am unable to commit to a dog or cat in the long run. When I’m in Singapore, I would love to take care of your pet and shower your best friend with a lot of love. Please check with me on the dates that I will be in Singapore.

Dog Walks

There is a park near my house with running tracks. I can take your dog with me for my daily runs or my helper can take them for their regular walks around the park. For the dog walks, we will walk your dog once a day. If you would like to walk your dog for more than once a day, please let us know.

Complimentary Picture Taking & Camera Footage

We provide daily complimentary picture taking of your pets. At the end of each day, we will send a photo and video of your pet(s) to you. For hourly or more than 5 pictures of your pets daily, there will be an additional charge. We also have a logi cam. It is a camera to monitor your pets and you can view it from your phone at any time. For logi camera video footages / videosurveillance of your pet(s), there will be an additional charge.

Complimentary Transportation

For your furry best friend staycation at my place, I can pick him/her at your convenient place after my work. When you are back in Singapore, I will be able to drive your best friend back to your house or convenient location. This will be hassle free for you as you will not to find transportation for your pet to my place.

The Royal Suite / Your Dog Bedroom

The Royal Suite / guest bedroom offers pet guest a more than 90 sq ft of living space encompassing a queen size and beautiful inidivual lighting mood control to provide the ultimate relaxation for your best friend.

Features & Services:

Queen size bed with pillows

Luxurious bed sheet with quilt cover

Sound system (soothing classical music) (optional)

Complimentary chew toys

IP camera for owners viewing (additonal charges)

Complementary daily fitness walk (once a day)

Homemade breakfast & dinner (additional $40)

Holiday for your furry best friend(s)

While you are on vacation, be sure that your furry best friend will be:

Fed with water

Fresh water bowls

Fed timely for his daily meals

Play time and dog walks

Furry friends

We currently accept small to medium size dogs and cats. There will be a maximum of 2 pets in the house. Please note that your dog should be dog/house trained and up to date with their vaccations. There should be no history of aggression. Please remember to pass us your furry friend(s) belongings such as bed, leash, food, treats and medication (if any) to us. Special rates will be given for guest(s) staying more than a month. Rest assure that that your best friend will be well-taken care of while you enjoy your holiday.

Passion & Affordable Pricing

Our price is one of the lowest in the market as we are doing out of passion and the love for dogs and cat. I love their company. My best friend and I had a childhood dream to own an animal farm and you will be sure that we will shower your pet will tons of love and hugs.

Our clients book through the following steps:

1. Kindly send me a booking request inquiry

2. Exchange WhatsApp number through Pawshake

3. Send me a picture of your dog. Kindly provide me with information about their feeding and walk time. Kindly advise me with any special requirements.

4. I’ll check on whether there are no other dogs on your requested dates.

5. Next, you can send me a confirmed booking inquiry.

6. I’ll accept the booking request and you can inform me on your pick up time and location. There will be a free complimentary pickup and drop off.

You will be sure that you will have daily videos and photos update of your dogs. Also, you can view testimonials from our previous clients in our review section. Rest assure that your best friend will he showered with tons of love and your cat or dog will be so happy.

Kindly contact me if you have any questions!

Ari's services

At the sitter's home

Dog Boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
45 SGD for each additional pet
49 SGD

Ari also offers

Pick up / drop off

Cancellation policy: Moderate

Full refund if cancelled before noon 7 days before the booking, 50% refund afterwards


Profile accuracy
Treatment of animals
Dog Boarding
Julie, 2020-08-21

Ari was amazing in every way. I was relocating to Singapore from Hawaii and Ari took care of my baby Puff while I served my 14 day quarantine. She went the extra mile to pick him up from quarantine and purchased all his necessary supplies since I was not able to turn them over to her myself. Puff was very well taken care of during his stay with Ari. I could not recommend her more and without a doubt I could not have picked a better person to watch my dog.

Dog Boarding
Jean, 2020-01-06

Ari is a great host who does way beyond providing boarding services and I highly recommended her to anyone who wants peace of mind while leaving their much beloved puppies behind.

After 19 days with Ari, our Jax came home in good spirit, healthy and happy.

While with Ari, Jax was not only provided a safe place to stay, he was well taken cared of; we knew he was loved & provided with attention. He was kept busy & active, he was pampered; actually, he was spoiled.

With constant updates, not once we ever got worried about how Jax was doing.

I have no doubt Jax looks foward to be with her again, so she would the first I would look for, for any future pet boarding needs.

I also appreciate greatly the complementary pick up & drop-off she provided.

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About Ari's Home

Accepted pets

< 1 year
Dog sizes
0-10 kg
Dog ages
0-8 years
Dog sex
Female & Male
all kinds
Small animals
rodents, rabbits, ...

Ari's home

A large outdoor area
Has no kids
24/7 supervision
A fully fenced backyard
Emergency transport

Walking areas

Nearby off-leash dog area
City park


Specific Skills

I speak English & Chinese
< 5 years of experience
Familiar with dog training techniques

Experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Behavioural problems





Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
45 SGD for each additional pet
49 SGD
All services and rates


Ari is currently not available to accept new requests.

Cancellation policy: Moderate

Full refund if cancelled before noon 7 days before the booking, 50% refund afterwards

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