7 ways to enjoy Valentines Day with your pet

7 ways to enjoy Valentines Day with your pet


How to spend Valentines Day with your pet

Whatever your relationship status, everyone deserves to have a love-filled Valentines Day, especially our precious pets.

Discover 7 cute ways to spend the day with your best furry friend.

Valentine Day Dog

1) Have a workout together

Start the day with a nice stroll and some fresh air. If the weather is pleasant on the day, plan your walk to the cooler hours or stay within a shady park. And of course, if the weather is too wet, have a fun trick training session indoors. 

2) Baking day

Bake some treats for yourself AND your pet! Here are some Valentine Day dog treat recipes that are super easy, homemade and have no nasty additives.

Valentine Day Dog

3) Couch and Netflix

Order some comfort food, cosy up with your pet on the couch and have a pet-themed movie-night. We’re thinking Beethoven, Cats and Dogs, Lady and the Tramp, The Secret Life of Pets….all the classics!

4) Pamper session

Have a luxurious pamper with your pet! Give them a soothing brush and massage while you pop on a luxurious face mask. Not sure where to start with pet grooming at home? Why not read up on our guide to DIY pet grooming.

5) Donate to animals in need: 

Skip the disposable Valentines Day presents this year. Instead, show some love by donating the money you would have spent on chocolates and flowers to your local animal shelter!

Valentine Day Cat

6) Have a fun photoshoot: 

Take some great snaps of your pet that you can print and frame (and maybe send as a gift to your human valentine!). Here are some tips on pet photography.

7) Head out for date night: 

Lastly, if you have a date night with a special someone, don't worry. Simply message a Pawshake sitter and treat your pet to some time with a caring new human friend for the evening!

Wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day celebrating love, life, pets and all the good things that really matter.