Boarding your dog | What to take?

Author picture Jessica

What do I need to leave with my pet when boarding?

There is a surprisingly long list of items you will need to leave with a pet sitter when you leave your pet at their home for boarding. This includes contact info, food, toys, medicine, bedding etc. As such, it's a good idea to not leave all this prep to the last minute!

It's important to know that everything has been taken care of and your pet is happy, make a little list of the following items to tick off a few days beforehand.

1) Medical history and vet's number

Make sure your pet's vaccination and medical history are up to date when you leave them with your pet sitter. Don’t forget to give them your preferred vet’s contact details, as well as an emergency vet with 24/7 services.

Chances are, these won’t be needed, but there is always the small possibility that your pet might become sick or injured. In this case, it’s important that the pet sitter is prepared and able to act quickly, by having all the necessary info at hand.

2) Food 

Always provide your pet sitter with enough of your dog’s or cat’s familiar food to last for the whole of the stay. Be sure to leave a bit extra in a separate container or bag, as pets can eat more food when they are anxious. Likewise, a little extra can come in handy if you're delayed coming home. 

A change in diet is no problem for some pets, while others can become quite sick or just refuse to eat anything unfamiliar. Don’t forget to give the pet sitter some of their favourite chews, treats and snacks!

3) Medicine

Leave all of your pet’s medicine, if they need any, with the pet sitter, together with detailed instructions on when, how to administer them, and dosage amounts.

4) Toys

Make sure your pet has something to play with, preferably their familiar toys from back home. It will help your pet to feel more settled if they have their favourite toys waiting for them at the pet sitter's home.

5) Bedding and blankets

Take along your pet's favourite bedding and blankets, so your dog and cat can get cosy and snug just like they do at home. Staying at a stranger's place during dog boarding can be a big event the first time, and may take a little getting used to. If your dog gets anxious, leave some of your worn clothing: your familiar smell will reassure them and remind them of home.

6) Accessories 

By accessories, we mean a collar, lead, poop bags, brush and everything else you use regularly for your pet. Don’t just assume that the pet sitter already has everything! Make a checklist of what to pack and check it again before you leave.

7) Last but not least: Your contact details

After you've made your booking, exchange your phone number and email with your pet sitter just in case. You can also easily keep in contact with your pet sitter via the Pawshake app while you are away,  Also tell them how to reach you at your hotel or wherever you’re staying, so the pet sitter can always contact you in case of emergency. Lastly, arrange an extra emergency contact (like a family friend) who can step in and help just in case you can't be reached.