Fun things to do with your pet this December

Fun things to do with your pet this December


Another year has almost gone by – almost as quickly as our furkid’s zoomies! We certainly think that you deserve a good rest, and fun days ahead with your pets. Here’s a bunch of activities for you and your furkid to do this December! 

1. Have a chill day at Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is THE place to spend a sunny morning or a cool evening with your furry friend. Pack some mats, sandwiches and drinks (remember some for your pet!), and you’ve got yourself a little picnic. You can fly kites too! 

Many pet owners like to bring their dogs here for a little fun especially in the morning, so if your dog loves to socialize, morning is the right time to go! If your dog prefers some one-on-one time with you, evening would be better (preferably Sunday evenings). An added bonus? The view is AMAZING. 

2. Hit the beach

Tanjong Beach at Sentosa has a lovely long stretch of sand and sea, perfect for a fun-packed beach day. Running, digging, swimming…you can do it all! If you and your furry friend get tired or have rumbling tummies after a day of fun, Coastes at Siloso Beach (an easy 10-minute walk) has really great food, and water will be provided for your pup too!  

3. Be your pet’s very own chef

This is a really fun and healthy activity. By baking your own dog treats, not only will you know exactly what’s going into your furkid’s tummy, but you can also customize treats such that their favourite food is included. Check out a bunch of easy peasy recipes from our very own Pawshake kitchen!

And remember, even if the treats turn out looking misshapen, your furkid will still think that you are the best chef in the world!

4. Treat yo self

As we said, you certainly deserve a nice little bit of R&R after a year of hard work! And what would be better than your furkid joining you? Both you and your pet can have a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Some of Singapore’s dog-friendly hotels include Regent Singapore and Four Seasons Hotel Singapore. Just remember to check out the hotel’s pet policy before making any bookings to avoid any hiccups! 

5. Have a doggie playdate

What better way to engage in all the aforementioned activities than with others! Call your favourite furry friends and (not so furry) humans, and go out and have a paw-sitively wonderful day! 

You can even help your pet make more friends by becoming a Pawshake pet sitter! Heaps of pet owners actually become pet sitters when they realize how much fun it is, and it certainly helps your own pet develop social skills. If you don’t have a pet of your own, fret not! You can sign up as a pet sitter too and do all these fun activities with a boarding pet! 

Trying out these activities? Don’t forget to hashtag #pawshakesg in your photos for a chance to get featured!