Halloween Pet Safety

Author picture Jessica

Why do I need to keep my pet safe on Halloween?

Aside from ghouls, ghosts, and witches, there are a few extra pet hazards to be aware of on Halloween. But don’t be spooked - here are the main things to think about, so you can plan ahead and enjoy the day knowing that your pet is safe and sound! 

How to keep pets safe on Halloween

Trick-or-treater tips

If you plan to open your door to trick-or-treaters, keep your pet somewhere secure so they don’t run out the front door. 

It’s a good idea to turn off your doorbell or hang a basket or treats near your front entrance if you want to prevent your dog from barking! The constant noise of visitors and excitement in the air can really whip a pet up and make them nervous and reactive

On that note: if you own a dog that likes to bark at strangers, this could be a good night to leave them with a pet sitter. If that isn’t an option, send them off for a big walk with your favourite dog walker that afternoon to burn some energy.

Your own celebrations

Make sure any decorations, carved pumpkins, candles and other choke hazards and kept well out of reach of curious pets. Especially curious puppies!

As always, lock your human candy and chocolate well out of the reach of your pet. Furthermore, be mindful of what you throw away into the bin. Particularly if there is food residue or other interesting smells that might tempt your pet to explore.

If you plan on having a Halloween party, tell your guests in advance to keep food away from your pet. Likewise, make sure they don't feed your pet any alcohol and be mindful of spills. As always, a pet sitter may be the best option to keep your pet calm and happy. But if not, leave your pet in a quiet, secure room with food and water. It's also a good idea to put a sign on the door to keep the spooks/guests away!

Pet costumes are cute but think carefully about what you are putting on your pet. Ideally, dress them in something that they may already wear and feel comfortable in. For example, a Halloween-themed collar, harness, dog coat, or bandana. Elaborate costumes and hats can be really stressful for a pet. Here are some more thoughts and suggestions on costumes for pets.

Have a spooky Halloween, and be sure to book a pet sitter soon if you haven’t already!