How long is a home visit or a dog walk?

How long is a home visit or a dog walk?


You've found the purrfect petsitter. You've had a great meet and greet, your pet loves the sitter and you know they will be pampered and loved. But what exactly can you expect from your petsitter? How long should a house visit or a dog walk take? What expectations are reasonable?

Pawshake deliberately does not provide guidelines on how long a dog walk or home visit must take, because each animal has their own unique needs. Some dogs have loads of energy and therefore need a lot of time to run and play. An older dog may require less walking time, but need extra attention at home (medication, cuddles on the sofa). One cat wants as many human smooches as possible, while the other cat just want to left to play on its own..

Therefore: tell the petsitter exactly what you expect from your house visit. Make clear arrangements that match the needs of your dog or cat. And before making the official booking, think about the following:

  • Home dog boarding and dog walking: how long should a walk take? What are the toilet habits of your dog? How high are your dog's energy levels, do they like to run off leash, fetch balls etc? Tell your pet sitter exactly what you expect.
  • Home visits: What does your cat (or rabbit, guinea pig, etc) need? Feeding times, cat litter, brushing, petting, playing, medication? Maybe you expect other services like watering the plants or collecting the mail? The care, security, comfort and happiness of your pet are the biggest priority for the sitter to fulfil - not just the time the sitter spends in your house.

In all cases: clear arrangements upfront prevent confusion and disappointment later on. Write down your agreements, prepare instructions for the pet sitter so that both of you are super clear what needs to happen.

Tips for pet sitters: When determining your price, keep in mind that you provide for a complete and high quality service. One pet may be a bit "more demanding" than the other, but all animals deserve plenty of time, care and attention..

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With love, from Pawshake.