Lucky dog breeds

Lucky dog breeds


Welcome Pawshakers, to the Year of the Dog! 

According to the Chinese Zodiac, starting on 16 February 2018, the Year of the Dog begins! There is a Chinese myth that if a dog enters your house, it means that fortune is coming your way. Here at Pawshake, we feel so lucky even when a dog simply comes up to say "hi!" to us, but are there any breed that have been said to be extra lucky?

1. Pugs

These quirky little fellas are a symbol of Chinese mythology. History buffs say that pugs have been around since 400 BC, one of the oldest dog breeds! Their wrinkly faces that we love oh-so-dearly resembles good luck symbols in Chinese.

Their small bodies simply cannot contain their big hearts and personalities! They love to curl up in your lap as you watch a movie and drink a cup of tea! Always known as being comical and playful, a pug's silly antics are sure to steal your heart.

2. Shih Tzu

Meaning 'Lion Dog", although Shih Tzus are small, they are said to be descendants of the Senji, an ancient Chinese wolf. Lions are esteemed for their strength and courage, so the same can be said for a Shih Tzu, embodying strength, regality, and beauty. 

Speaking of beauty, a Shi Tzu's fur coat comes in loads of colors, from black to blue, and some are bi-colored too. 

Shih Tzus make wonderful companions, they're friendly, trustful, and tolerant. It can be playful and energetic, but when you need your daily dose of snuggles, a Shih Tzu will never let you down and shower you with affection. 

3. Chinese Crested Dog

We can understand why you would think that the Chinese Crested Dog comes from China, but it actually does not! It actually evolved from either African or Mexican hairless dogs! This ever so unique pooch is 2 variants - hairless, and powderpuff. It might be small, but it's spirit is undeniable. 

It thrives in a family where it is constantly surrounded by people. It loves to play games, settle in with you for a night of cuddles, and can be really active too! This pooch will shower you with love and kiss (quite literally!) Although it may take some some time for it to accept you, once it does, you guys are bonded for life.

One thing to note is that as it loves human company so much, it can suffer from separation anxiety, but that is where your pet sitter can help make things better!

All dogs are lucky to us! But our favourite dog is a shelter dog - these guys have so much love to give and bring so much joy!

Are your dogs in the list above? Has your furkid brought luck to you? Share with us in the comments below or tag us @pawshakesg! Happy Lunar New Year and 新年快乐!