Preparing Your Home For A Pet Sitter

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How do I get my house ready for a pet sitter?

Preparing your home for a pet sitter takes a little planning. But it's so worth it for a smooth process!

Once you've found the perfect sitter, arrange a meet and greet with your pet. If that goes well and you proceed with the booking, here's how to get your home ready for your guest. 

1) Arrange a key handover with the pet sitter

Leave your keys in a secure place or do a direct handover before you leave. It's worth noting that your pet might nervous if the sitter shows up without you for the first time. As such, invite the sitter over before you leave. This way you can give them a quick tour and reassure your pet that all is well.

Key handover for pet sitter

2) Purchase pet food and supplies

Save your sitter from paying for supplies by stocking plenty of extra pet food. If your pet needs medication, make sure there’s enough of that available as well! Furthermore, consider monthly flea or worm treatments, weekly litter changes, and, of course, pet treats.

3) Write a list of important details for your pet sitter

Help your pet sitter by leaving written instructions for your pet's care, as well as any emergency contacts. You might also want to include where the cleaning products are if your pet makes a mess! Stick this list somewhere obvious, such as on the fridge or dining table. 

List for pet sitter

4) Let others know that a pet sitter will be staying

Let your friends, family and neigbours know a sitter will be staying over while you are away. This avoids any awkward misunderstandings or anxiety if people aren't aware of your plans! 

It’s also a good idea to let your regular veterinarian know about the situation. Furthermore, you can ask them what to do should any vet expenses come up while you’re away.

5) Lock all your exterior doors and windows

Close and lock all windows or doors, even if you don't normally do this. Doing this will give you and your sitter peace of mind and keeps the house secure. Ensure that these keys are in a safe spot should the sitter need to open anything.

Cat in clean living room

6) Tidy up the house

Needless to say, your home doesn't have to be pristine before you leave! However, a tidy place to stay is always pleasant for any guest. As such, factor in a bit of time for a quick clean-up before you go.

Clean out things in the fridge that might go bad while you’re away. You should also let the sitter know what they can help themselves to, such as tea and coffee. Lastly, empty the washing machine and rubbish bins so that they don't get smelly while you are away. 

7) Relax and enjoy your holiday!

Now you can relax, trusting that your pet is safe and happy in their own home with your pet sitter. Your pet sitter will share pictures and updates during their stay, and make sure your pet is well cared for. 

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