Signs that a cat loves you

Signs that a cat loves you


Our cats mean the world to us, and we love them endlessly. But do they love us too?

It’s a common thought that cats are more aloof than dogs, but this is simply because they are not the easiest animals to read. They are actually constantly trying to communicate their love for you! Watch out for these behaviours that are actually your cat telling you, in more ways than one, that it loves you. 

The cat kiss

Otherwise known as the “eye kiss”, this is one of the easiest ways your feline tells you that it loves you! If it stares at you, then blinks, then opens its eyes and slowly blinks again, it shows that you’re someone that it trusts. Want to tell kitty that you love it too? Just mimic the behaviour! This is also a great way to introduce yourself to new cats to show them that you mean no harm. 

The happy tail dance

As with many animals, a cat’s tail is a huge tell-tail sign of its emotions. When their feel happy and contented, the tip of their tail will fluff out and twitch. And if your cat’s tail is winding around you or gently brushing against you, this is it saying, “This is my human and I love my human!”. Lucky you! 

Head butts and rubs

Ah yes, this is one of life’s greatest privileges - it’s essentially a hug from your cat! Scent glands in a cat’s face give off facial pheromones, so when they rub their faces against you, they are mixing their scent with yours. This is done to cement your bond and is an indicator they feel safe around you and trust you. 

Belly up!

A cat’s stomach is its most vulnerable spot. Cats only voluntarily show their belly to you when they feel safe and comfortable with you. Plus, it’s a way of saying “I trust you and know that you will protect me!” 

Do remember that this is not necessarily an invitation to pet their belly. Some cats just do not want their bellies petted even if they love you. But if kitty allows you to give him a tummy rub, you’ve hit the big leagues and we’re jealous! 


We know, it’s not flowers and its definitely no iPhone X, but it’s the thought that counts! When your cat brings you a dead rat or bird, it’s kitty telling you that it treats you as family and wants to provide for you. We think that’s the best gift ever!

These are just a few of the ways that your cat is telling you that it loves you! They are always trying to connect and speak to us, and their behaviours are a true example of how actions speak louder than words. So yes! Cats love us as much as we love them (maybe even more!). They show affection in their own special way and are actively forming close bonds with you. 

How does your cat show it’s love for you? Share with us in the comments down below!