What is house sitting?

What is house sitting?


House sitting is an arrangement between a homeowner and a house sitter, in which the house sitter lives in the house for a set period of time when the owner is away. It can be a fantastic option for pet owners who want to maintain their pet’s normal routine in addition to keeping the house safe and secure.

For a house sitter, staying in your home with your pet is a great job - it can mean they have regular contact with furry friends, explore new areas and enjoy having time in their own temporary space.

A house sitter:

  • Lives in your home as any guest would. Be sure to prepare your home by leaving a clean set of sheets and a towel, extra supplies, such as detergent and toilet paper, and any instructions you need the house sitter to follow. 

  • Can stay for a short period of time, or a longer period depending on how long you are away. For longer stays, the house sitter might be asked to do extra tasks such as bringing in the mail, taking out the garbage bins and watering plants.

  • Can maintain your pet’s routine, including feeding times, playtime, litter changing and/or walks. As such, be sure to leave clear instructions, an ample supply of pet food, litter and any medications that your pet might need.

  • Should communicate easily with you and reply to you promptly when you are away. Daily photos and message updates are expected of all Pawshake house sitters. 

  • Is expected to leave the house exactly in the same condition as when you left. As such, it’s a good idea to give the house a clean and put dishes away before your house sitter arrives. Then you can enjoy returning to a fresh and tidy home.

  • Should be able to reach you when you are away. If not, they should have access to an emergency contact number of a trusted friend or family member.

  • Should be someone you trust, who has preferably been verified through a house sitting company. Pawshake uses phone, email and location verification for its house sitters, and has extremely strict profile standards. Only 25% of applicants are successful.

  • Should have coverage in case your pet gets sick or injured when you are away. For peace-of-mind, all of our house sitters are automatically covered with the Pawshake Guarantee, should your pet need a vet visit, or if you aren't happy with how the booking went in any way. 

Are you thinking about skipping the cattery or kennel, and having a trusted house sitter stay in your home with your pet? Search for one on Pawshake today.