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Dog boarding at the sitter’s home

Overnight dog care for while you are away

Your dog stays overnight at a sitter’s home and enjoys personalised dog care.

Home dog boarding is suitable for dogs of all ages, including puppies.

A more safe and loving alternative to a commercial dog kennel or dog hotel.

How does it work?

Booking dog boarding with Pawshake is easy and safe

1. Search for a sitter

Choose from a range of experienced, qualified and reliable local sitters nearby.

2. Organise a free meet and greet

Meet your sitter for free before you make a booking to make sure it's a perfect match

3. Safely confirm your booking

Benefit from in-house customer support and free veterinary coverage for your dog.

Why choose Pawshake for dog boarding?

We've got you and your dog covered

Peace of mind guarantee

Free veterinary coverage included with every booking.
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Experienced local sitters

Find qualified and reliable local dog boarding sitters. Every single sitter’s profile is individually reviewed by our dedicated Trust and Safety team. We only accept 15% of sitter applications.

The Pawshake Guarantee

We care about the happiness and safety of you and your dog. On the rare occasion that your sitter has to cancel the booking, our dedicated team will work with you to find a new dog boarding sitter.
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Contactless payments

Pawshake’s safe and cashless booking process means that sitters only get paid after they complete the booking.

See what Pawshake dog boarding clients have to say!

Read real dog boarding reviews from happy dog owners

Dog Boarding
Justine, 16-01-2022
I boarded my 2 huskies Solomon and Sophie at Claire’s for 9 days whilst I was away. As they are bigger sized than the usual huskies, I was concerned whether Claire could handle them on leash. As I expected, Solomon tested Claire’s strength on the first walk and Claire handled them with experience. As my doggos were on BARF, Claire kindly agreed to help me continue them on BARF although the food must have filled up her entire refrigerator. Claire was conscientious in asking for a video as to how to prepare their breakfast and updated us on their well-being whilst we were away. She even allowed me to install my CCTV at her premises so we could check in on them without troubling her, as well as a doggy gate as huskies are well known escape artists. As my doggos are grass trained, Claire walked them twice a day mornings and evenings with a pee break in between. Claire was very accommodating to my schedule on both drop off and pick ups too. As it can easily be seen, I’m a very protective doggy mommy but Claire was nothing but accommodating throughout. She replied to my messages promptly and there were no issues whatsoever. The doggos came back in great shape and I’m sure they were glad I didn’t board them at a boarding house with many other dogs that the pet sitter had no time to give individual attention to. I interviewed many dog boarders before I chose Claire. Most gave me the impression they did not have the time for my doggos and communication would be patchy. Claire did not. Did I mention Claire does only one boarding at a time? And her job allows her to be with your doggos at home most of the time. Did I also mention Claire keeps a very clean house? These are all very important factors to the well-being of our doggos. I would not hesitate to recommend Claire to board your dogs big and small. Certainly I will try to board Sophie and Solomon with Claire first on future trips. Thanks Claire! We missed our doggos every day but you made our trip enjoyable knowing they were at least in your responsible hands. Two thumbs up!
Dog Boarding
Lazorthes, 10-01-2022
Hi, We used a dog sitter for the first time and encountered a lot of the caretaker. We chose Andy because he has a great knowledge of dogs and dog care. It also has a house suitable for this and allows the dog great freedom. I recommend Andy's dog sitter services. he was able to adapt easily to our 8 month old Shiba Inu who was still very energetic and sometimes unruly heads. He even knew how to give us advice to facilitate our return home and future education. Many thanks to Andy and his wife for their kindness towards animals. Julien

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Frequently asked questions

Your dog boarding questions answered

What are home dog boarding services?

With home dog boarding, your dog stays overnight at a sitter’s home. Instead of being in a crowded dog kennel or dog hotel, your dog can be in a comfortable home and receive the same quality level of love and care you would provide.

Who's boarding my dog?

Pawshake only accepts sitters who have experience and/or qualifications caring for pets. You will get to search, choose and have a free meet and greet with your sitter prior to making a booking.

Where will my dog be staying?

Your dog will be staying at the sitter's home. Be sure to discuss any requirements with your sitter prior to booking. The more your sitter knows about your pet, the better! That way they can really ensure that your pet has the best and most comfortable stay.

How do I choose a sitter?

Visit the sitter's profile and read about their background, home and experience.Then request a free meet and greet. If you are happy with the sitter’s dog boarding environment and how well they bond with your dog, confirm your booking on Pawshake.

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